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"People ask me what I do in winter when there's no baseball. I'll tell you what I do. I stare out the window and wait for spring." ---Rogers Hornsby

The New York Gotham Base Ball Club is part of a large group of Vintage Base Ball Clubs that strive to present base ball's history to others by playing base ball as it was done in the past. Each modern vintage team is based on a real historical team - the 1865 Gothams evolved into the Giants of today's National League. The modern Gothams team was founded in 2002 by Drew Frady. See The rules of the game in 1864.

The 2016 Base Ball Schedule is posted!

Our home games are played on the scenic Parade Grounds at Governors Island. We have away games scheduled for places like Brooklyn, Gettysburg, Paterson,Paramus, Waterloo and more. If you would like us to play a match at your historic event or fair, contact us.


It was around 1877 during an exceptional cold spell in New York when the local professional players were aching for a game. But the fields were sheeted in ice. So it was decided to play the game on ice skates. Because it was so difficult to stop on skates it was allowed for a player to skate past first base, just like home plate.

The idea of running past first to avoid collisions had been debated for several years already by players around the league. But it was shortly after that winter game that the rule was adopted where players were permitted to run past first base into foul territory. Consequently when you play 1864 or 1873 rules with the Gothams you will need to remember "Not to run past first base" or you may be tagged out!

Most Gotham players slide into first, new players sometimes forget but they learn fast once they are tagged out!

Come on out and join the fun as a spectator or a player!

Heading into the 2016 season the Gothams are accepting a few new full time players. We have a planned schedule of 14 dates for the season, each a double header. We play in front of spectators who come to see the game as it was once played, so it is mandatory that players invest in their own uniform for the sake of the presentation of the game. Players must have some existing base ball skills as the games are competitive. Experienced baseball players or enthusiastic softballers both make good vintage players. Don't let the word "vintage" fool you, we're not all old, our players range from teens to seasoned adults. The one thing we all have in common is our love for the game, the history and the team. If you are interested in perhaps becoming a player please email


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Henry Chadwick was born in Exter, England in 1824 and played ball games like rounders and cricket before moving to the United States in 1837. He was a cricket reporter for The New York Times in 1856 when he witnessed a spirited game of baseball between New York’s Gotham and Eagle clubs. Chadwick later recalled being dazzled by this new game, and recognized the way it reflected the aggressive, high-energy spirit of his adopted nation.

News Articles, learn what the Gothams are all about and what the game was really like.....

NEW Learn about the glove, why the Gothams and other vintage teams play without them! * The_Glove.pdf: The_Glove.pdf

NEW11-20-14 Learn about Historic Hinchliff Stadium - The Gothams, Mutuals and Atlantics will be playing matches in the historic Paterson area this coming season. Part of those efforts in cooperation with Lambert Castle and the Passaic County Historical Society are in support of Hinchliff Stadium and it's refurbishment. Games will be played at Westside Park and Garrett Mountain Preserve in Paterson.

11-22-13 To Spur Memory - John Thorn - MLB Historian - Where did the name Gotham come from ?

NEW Nicknames for Vintage Players, Gettysburg, PA 2013 by Julia Hatmaker

NEWVideo of Gothams vs. Flemington Neshanock, Old Stone House, October 12th, 2013. Produced by Hugo Massa.

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NEWA Base Ball story from Gettysburg!

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