The Gotham Base Ball Club of the 21st Century

Over 140 years after the original team's founding, in June 2002, the fiery and fearless Captain Drew "Wilkes-Booth" Frady led a fearsome bunch of base ball players to re-create the 1864 Gotham Club. In this inaugural season these ballists brought back 19th century base ball to New York City. With their home field in Crocheron Park, Bayside, and traveling all over the metropolitan area playing their arch nemeses the Flemington Neshanock, Elizabeth Resolutes, Atlantic Base Ball Club of Brooklyn and others, the Gotham Club brought home a record of 6 wins and 16 losses.

In 2003, the Gotham Club unfortunately continued their losing ways, posting a dismal 4 wins and 19 losses record. They played their home games at Crocheron Park but played their first game in Manhattan's Central Park. They also participated in Rochester's Silver Ball Cup.

In 2004, Captain Wilkes-Booth secured Manhattan's Central Park as the Gothams' home field. Unfortunately, this did not translate into a winning season with a record of 3 wins and 15 losses. In that same year, the Gotham club lost their fearless Captain under some very mysterious circumstances. Fortunately Ken "Trolley Car" Schlapp adroitly took up the reins and steered our team along. Also in that season, for the first time the Gotham Club played and lost in Old Bethpage Restoration Village's New York-New Jersey Cup.

In 2005, the Gotham Club continued to play their home games at Central Park and continued their losing ways—7 wins to 12 losses. They played their first reunion game, with the new players crushing the quitters 11 to 3.

In 2006, the Gotham Club played their shortest season ever with their home field again at Central Park. They again sported a losing record 2 wins and 9 losses, though one of the wins was against the vaunted Atlantic Base Ball Club of Brooklyn.

In 2007, the Gotham Club, with their home field in Central Park, played their most games ever and had a stunningly poor losing record —6 wins to 29 losses. The much ballyhooed Gotham Cup was played on Central Park's North Meadow. Thanks to Captain Trolley Car the tournament was a tremendous success. Teams from up and down the East Coast came to play in the two day tournament. Unfortunately, the Gotham Club did not win the Cup. Also that year the team traveled to our nation's capital to play in the Washington Tournament. July in Washington is known for being brutally hot and it did not disappoint. The Gotham Club is deeply indebted to John "Waterboy" Hyslop (father of member John "Stacks" Hyslop) for saving the lives of many players with his magic (and not tasty) elixir. The elixir did not help them win one game, but at least they did not die of dehydration.

In 2008, the Gotham Club moved their home field to Juniper Valley Park in Middle Village and their win loss record to .500 - 18 wins to 18 losses. Again Captain Trolley Car successfully managed the Gotham Cup. And again teams up and down the East Coast enjoyed playing a variety of 19th century rules.

In 2009, the Gotham Club experienced something unheard of in the 21st century—a Gotham Club winning season. With no home field, the Club traveled the metro area ringing up one win after another to amass an impressive record of 16 wins and 15 losses. Working nonstop for days, Captain Trolley Car pulled together another successful Gotham Cup. Also during the season the Club played at the historic Washington Park, home of the Brooklyn Baseball Club and the Bridgegrooms. For more information about the Park visit David "Wombat" Dyte’s very informative web site, Sadly for the Club, Captain Trolley Car informed the team that he was heading west for love and would not be able to guide the team. As the old saw says, "Women, the bane of Base Ball."

In 2010, the Gotham Club passed the captain's torch to John "Stacks" Hyslop. During this season, the Gotham Club along with the Elizabeth Resolutes, Atlantic Base Ball Club of Brooklyn and Flemington Neshanock, participated in the second year of the Mid Atlantic Vintage Base Ball League. The Club returned to its home field in Juniper Valley and played some games in Astoria's Hellgate/Whitey Ford Field. They also traveled far and wide, including games at Old Bethpage Village Restoration and a tournament in historic Cooperstown, New York.

The Gotham Club's home field for the 2012-2022 seasons is located on the Parade Grounds at Governors Island, a scenic expanse of lawn located directly behind historic Fort Jay. We hope you'll hop the ferry and join us for a game!