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Edward "Scratch" Alexander

Position(s): OF, P
Bats: Right
Throws: Right
Years Played: 1
Occupation: Health Consultant
Family: A bunch of people with the last name Alexander, Resnikoff, or Sulzabach who wish to remain nameless due to my baseball disease
Education: Vassar College
Favorite Teams: Phillies, Angles
Memorable VBB Moment: We won the first game I played in, lost the second, That's all so Far
Favorite 19th Century Player: ????
Favorite Baseball Book: A book about the 1954 Giants and the events leading up to Bobby Thompson's "Shot Heard Around The World"
Favorite Baseball Movie: Bull Durham
Sports History: Played baseball since I was able to.  Played at Vassar College for 4 years and am among the leaders in Several Pitching and Hitting categories
Other Interests: Baseball, Base Ball, and playing pool badly (i.e., scratching)
Favorite Beer: Brooklyn Brewery Monster


  • 2005 - 27-60, 3 -2B, 2 -3B, 1 -HR, 1 -BB, 17 -Aces, 33 -Outs, 24 -SB, 0.515 -Aces/Outs,
  • 2006 - 13-21, 3 -2B, 8 -Aces, 8 -Outs, 17 -SB, 1.000 -Aces/Outs,
  • Career - 40-81, 6 -2B, 2 -3B, 1 -HR, 1 -BB, 25 -Aces, 41 -Outs, 41 -SB, 0.610 -Aces/Outs,

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