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Jeremy "Mixer" Hill

Position(s): OF, P
Bats: Right
Throws: Right
Years Played: 2
Occupation: Actor/Bartender
Family: All family in Illinois and Wisconsin (which means I'm single)
Education: University of Wisconsin-Madison BA Psychology
Favorite Teams: New York Yankees & St Louis Cardinals
Memorable VBB Moment: Alley oop catch in New Jersey at last game of season & having to run for Shoeless the entire time in both games at Bethpage last year.  I never Stopped!
Favorite 19th Century Player: 
Favorite Baseball Book: 
Favorite Baseball Movie: Bull Durham
Sports History: Hockey, Soccer, Baseball, and Polevaulting in High School
Other Interests: Acting, Dancing, and generally having a good time!
Favorite Beer: Harpoon Red


  • 2004 - 3-5, 1 -2B, 1 -Aces, 2 -Outs, 0.500 -Aces/Outs,
  • 2004 - 8-27, 1 -BB, 4 -Aces, 19 -Outs, 11 -SB, 0.211 -Aces/Outs,
  • 2005 - 15-30, 1 -2B, 3 -BB, 13 -Aces, 15 -Outs, 17 -SB, 0.867 -Aces/Outs,
  • Career - 23-57, 1 -2B, 4 -BB, 17 -Aces, 34 -Outs, 28 -SB, 0.500 -Aces/Outs,

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