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Geoff "Ironweed" Burt

Position(s): 3B, SS, CF, 1B
Bats: Right
Throws: Right
Years Played: 1
Occupation: Video Producer
Family: Wife (Donna), 2 Kids (Son (Jordan 14, Daughter, Julia, 9)
Education: Ba, Rutgers University, 1981
Favorite Teams: Yanks, Mets, Red Wings
Memorable VBB Moment:  My first Practice
Favorite 19th Century Player: Andrew Carnegie
Favorite Baseball Book: Ball Four
Favorite Baseball Movie: Eight Men Out
Sports History: I've taken my son to see a perfect game, Caught a game ball at Yankee stadium; Played some Ice Hockey
Other Interests: Music, Playing "Iron Chef" with my daughter
Favorite Beer: Pennsylvania Dutch Birch Beer


  • 2005 - 14-39, 4 -BB, 6 -Aces, 25 -Outs, 13 -SB, 0.240 -Aces/Outs,
  • 2006 - 3-9, 1 -2B, 1 -Aces, 6 -Outs, 3 -SB, 0.167 -Aces/Outs,
  • Career - 17-48, 1 -2B, 4 -BB, 7 -Aces, 31 -Outs, 16 -SB, 0.226 -Aces/Outs,

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