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September 7, 2003

Game 1 - Elizabeth Resolutes 21 - Gothams 14

Game 2 - Elizabeth Resolutes 9 - Gothams 8

Gothams drop a pair

A cloudless sky, a cool breeze (occasionally) a new monument in Left Field and two more Gotham lossess are what comprised the past weekend.

Game 1:

Visiting our well matched opponents - the Elizabeth Resolutes, Gtham swung hard and heavy in game one- and played good defense- with the exception of ( all together now) One Bad inning!. An economical 17 Hits and 14 runs were not enough to vanquish the enemy as Gotham allowed 9 aces in the 4th. 7 of those came with 2 outs. Dreadful!  The good: Trolley hit a Grand Slam Home run in the 3rd. The forst in Gotham History! Interestingly, Trolley's boss happened to be in the park that afternoon walking his dog. I'm told that on Trolley's dinger that the left fielder tumbled top over teakettle down the hill upon giving chase. Nice Shot Trolley! Also - A great defensive play by Pops on a lne drive that nearly took off Boths head in the pitches box. Pops deftly grabbed the liner at second and stepped on the bag for an unassisted double play to end an inning. Also- a nice play at the plate when a Resolute runner came chugging around third testing Homer's arm in left field. The throw was up the line and into foul territory near the Gotham bench, but was cut off by Kid and relayed to Booth covering the plate. BANG BANG the runner was out by less than a step. Well played gentlemen! Unfortunately we were outslugged- partly due to a new monument to thos efallen on 9/11 which took up the beter part of left field fol territory and into fair territory. They just kept clobbering ground rule doubles into the space. The final was 21-14

Stats- Game 1 

Kid- 3 for 5 (3 1b) 4 sb, 1 ace;

Tuck- 3 for 6 (3 1b) 1 sb, 2 aces;

Spike 1 for 6 (1b) 2 times on base( e-7), 2 sb, 2 aces;

Booth-1 for 3 (1b, bb) 3sb, 2 aces;

Jitters- 3 for 4 ( 3 ab) 2 sb, 2 aces;

Trolley- 2 for 3 (1b, 1hr-grand slam, bb) 3 sb, 3 aces;

Rugs-2 for 3 (1b, 2b, bb) 2 sb, 1 ace;

Stacks- 1 for4 (1b) 1sb;

Pops- 2 for 5 (2 1b) 2sb, 1ace;

Homer-1 for 5 ( 1b) 1 sb, 1ace.

Offensive star- Trolley

Game 2:

Shortened to 7 innings due to heat and exhaustion, Gotham held the lead in this game until the bottom of the 7th, but coldn't hold it- giving up 2 and losing by a final of 9-8. Good hitting in this one as well as both Jitters and Spike connected for round trippers. Jitters's a "monumental" shot- landing in the pit area of the monument in left on the fly! Homer also hit a loooong triple. We'll have to work on him getting that Piano off his back in the off season;). Not a lot else to say about this game. Well played- hard fought nothing of extreme to mention.

Stats - Game 2:

Kid- 1 for 4 (1b) 2sb,1 ace;

Tuck-2 for 4 (1b, 2b), 1 ace;

Spike 1 for 3 (hr) 1 ace;

WB 2 for 3(2 1b) 4 sb, 1 ace;

Jitters-2 fo 3(1b, hr) 1sb, 1ace;

Trolley 0 for 3;

Rugs- 1 for 3 (1b) 2 sb, 1 ace;

Stacks- 1 for 3;

Pops- 0 for 3;

Homer-2 for 3 (1b, 3b) 2 aces.

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