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September 2, 2007

Game 1 - Brooklyn Atlantics 12 - Gothams 7

Roxbury, NY - 9/2/2007 -

On another beautiful day in the town of Roxbury, New York, 2 championship games were held for the Keator Cup. In the first match the Atlantics of Brooklyn defeated the Gothams of New York by a tally of 12-7 to win the underhand division. In the 2nd game, The Roxbury Nine defended their Keator Cup title with a resounding victory over the Providence Grays.

Game 1 vs. Brooklyn Atlantics - 1864 Rules:

Several Gothams were injured in fierce battles on the first day of this festive tournament, but thank to the aid of the Elizabeth Athletic Club, the Boston Beaneaters and the Mountain Athletic Club, the Gothams were able to field a team and compete with the Atlantics. The Gothams displayed fine field work in the top of the 1st as Dan made an amazing catch in centerfield and catcher Scratch snared an impossible foul tick behind the plate to help Coach Chicago the Atlantics in the 1st. The Atlantics would not be outmatched though as Tree Chicagoed the Gothams as well with the aid of TC's field work in left field to keep this match scoreless. The Atlantics, however, were the 1st club to tally, and they did so twice in the 2nd and were thwarted of more aces by more fine plays from Dan in center field. The Gothams came right back though as Preacher reached on a one-base hit, swiped a base and moved to 3rd on the catchers throwing miscue and was able to tally his ace when Slider executed a perfect fair-foul hit. Coach and Tree each Chicagoed their opponents in the 3rd to leave the score at 2-1 Atlantics after 3 innings were completed.

In the 4th, the Atlantics erupted for 3 aces when Trolley deflected several struck balls away from himself and any other fielders with little grace and much effort, but was happily saved once by excellent field work by right fielder Slider recovering an errant throw from Trolley and making a perfect throw to Scratch behind the plate to prevent additional aces from tallying. Unfortunately for the Gothams, Tree again Chicagoed this mighty team. Each team tallied an ace in the 5th. The Gothams ace was tallied when Scratch reached on a 2-base hit, swiped 3rd and tallied on a well struck ball by Jesse. The 6th frame was again a showcase of fine pitching by both Tree and Coach and neither club was able to muster an ace as the match remained fairly close in the Atlantics favor by a tally of 6-2.

Scratch, Aaron, and Flytrap each made excellent defensive plays to help Coach Chicago the Atlantics again in the 7th to keep the Gothams within reach. Flytrap smashed a 3-base hit to get the Gotham fans excited and the inning started. Coach followed with a hard-struck one-base hit to allow Flytrap to tally his ace, then performed 2 acts of thievery and tallied an ace of his own when Scratch reached on a one-base hit and brought the Gothams to within 2 of the Atlantics. The Atlantics would not stand pat though. They came right back by tallying 3 more aces in the 8th to fortify their lead in spite of more fine field work by Scratch and Dan to increase their lead to 9-4. Have no fear though, there was not quit in the Gothams on this day. After 2 hands were down, Slider again reached 1st via the fair-foul hit, Trolley and Dave followed with one-base hits before Stick brought them both home with a 2-base hit to tally 3 aces in the frame to get within 9-7 after 8 innings were played.

The Atlantics strikers would not be stopped on this day as they reached base one after the other to tally 3 more aces to deflate the spirits of the Gothams who were retired in order in the bottom of the 9th to fall to the Atlantics by a final tally of 12-7. In the end the Gothams had to tip their caps to both Keator cup champions, the Roxbury Nine and the Brooklyn Atlantics, who both displayed the exquisite efforts that champions display in this fine town of Roxbury, NY. Until next time…Huzzah!!!

Individual Stats - Championship Game:

Flytrap - 1-4, 1 3B, 1 Ace

Crazy Legs - 1-3, 1 SB

Coach - 1-3, 1 Ace, 2 SB

Scratch - 3-3, 1 2B, 1 Ace, 3 SB

Jesse - 1-3, 1 SB

Dan - 2-3, 1 SB

Preacher - 1-3, 1 Ace, 1 SB

Slider - 2-3, 1 Ace, 4 SB

Trolley - 1-4, 1 Ace

Dave - 2-3, 1 Ace, 1 SB

Stick - 1-3, 1 2B

Aaron - 0-3

Quickstep - 0-2

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