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September 21, 2003

Game 1 - Gothams 7 - Roxbury Nine 6 (10 Innings)



Fine weather and fine defense greeted your conquering heroes on Sunday afternoon. Possibly the most scientific game of Base Ball played in these parts in more than 120 years. Once again bumped from their regular home field, the Boys in patriotic red white and blue set up a makeshift field "Down the hill" from our regular home. Blanking our opponents in five of ten innings- and never allowing more than 2 runs in any one inning, Gotham put together an incredible defensive effort including a pick off at first and near pickoff at third (in the same inning ) by Booth, an unassisted double play at first by Spike (as well as a heads-up play tagging a runner overrunning first), a tag out at home by Game Face to Booth, great hustle and good hands behind the plate by Pops, a terrific running catch in foul territory by our newest addition, Nate "Dexter" Smith and a rally killing 10th inning double play by Buster, Game Face and Spike.

While Gotham was shut out in seven of ten innings, they hit in all but the 8th- including extra base hits from Bones, Trolley and Rugs, and two well timed walks by Stacks ( good eye!). An explosive 5 run 7th put the conquerors in the lead until the 9th. In the bottom of that inning with no outs and Game Face on first- a nifty piece of hit-and-run by Pops-reaching out and slashing a single to right field- put Game Face on Third base. But we were unable to capitalize and left them both stranded. But as said before, a double play got the local boys out of trouble in the tenth and a bit of controversy may have rattled the Roxbury 9. With one out, Spike singled and after attempts to steal second were thwarted by foul balls- Stacks drew his second base-on-balls, allowing a winded Spike to move to second. Then both men stole bases. Booth at the plate was hit by a pitch that rolled away from the behind and Spike "sprinted" home for the winning run. Booth was then accu sed of leaning into the pitch to cause the turmoil. (A side bar here ina moment). The play was called dead and Spike was returned to third. Both then grounded to first on a slow roller. Unfortunately all that running tired out Spike too much to score and he stayed put at third. With Dexter at the plate and the 9 still grousing, a passed ball got away from the Roxbury catcher and Spike- with renewed vigor slid home well under the tag attempt. Gothams Win! Final score: 7-6

For the record- The rule on Booth's controversial play states that a batter hit by a ball is not awarded a base- but the ball is live. Strange the only other time this has been an issue was again with Booth and it was on this very field it happened. Perhaps the slope and odd angels of the hill make it look like Booth leaned into the pitch(es)- but I assure you- nothing of the sort happened!

There was no second game as our opponent left in a sour mood- thinking they had been rummied out of the game ( Apparently they felt the call at the plate to end the game was incorrect).


Buster- 1 for 5 (1b), 1sb, 1 ace;

Bones-1 for 5 (2b) 1 ace;

Trolley- 1 for 5 (2b), 1sb;

Spike-2 for 5 (2 1b), 4sb, 2 aces;

Stacks- 0 for 3 (2bb), 1sb;

Booth- 3 for 5 (3 1b), 2 sb;

Dexter- 2 for 5 (2 1b), 2sb, 1 ace (welcome to vintage base ball, rookie);

Game Face-3 for 4 (3 1b), 4 sb, 1 ace;

Pops- 1 for 4 (1b);

Rugs- 3 for 4 (2 1b, 1 2b) 3 sb, 1 ace

Offensive star: Spike- with four stolen bases, two hits and two runs- including the game winner (Twice!)

Defensive Star: Spike again. He was on the tail end of two double plays, the pick off and the heads up tag out at first. Not bad for a guy who names is dog Peter!

Thanks to Rugs for a terrific job captaining this weekend!

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