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September 1, 2007

Game 1 - Brooklyn Atlantics 12 - Gothams 7

Game 2 - Gothams 17 - Flemington Neshanock 10

Roxbury, NY - 9/1/2007 - The base ball gods were gracious this year in providing the most beautiful weather one could imagine to play this fine game of base ball in the quaint town of Roxbury, NY for the annual Keator Cup Tournament. The Gothams of New York and the Atlantics of Brooklyn got the festivities started on this fine day with a hard fought battle between 2 rivals. As has been the case quite frequently in the past, the Atlantics were victorious yet again by a final tally of 12-7. The Gothams however would fight back in their 2nd game of the day against the Flemington Neshanock and come out with a 17-10 victory, which earned the Gothams a place in Sunday's championship game.

Game 1 vs. Brooklyn Atlantics - 1864 Rules:

The Gothams struck first in this battle with the Atlantics when Flytrap reached 1st on a one-base hit and immediately took advantage of his fleetness by quickly swiping 2nd and 3rd bases and tallied the first ace of the game on a bound out by Coach. The Gothams were poised for more when Trolley reached on a one-base hit swiped 2nd and moved to 3rd on a base hit by Slider. Trolley at the urging of Flytrap tried to sneak into home against the unaware Atlantics, but the Atlantic Shortstop Dream caught on to this trickery and fired a throw home to Hammy just in time to nail Trolley at the plate for the final out. That must have shifted the momentum in the Atlantics favor because they promptly struck the ball solidly for hit after hit to tally 5 times in their half of the 1st to take a 5-1 lead. Tree, the Atlantic pitcher slowed the Gotham strikers by chicagoing them for the next 3 innings while his own strikers tallied twice more in each of the 2nd and 4th innings while being Chicagoed by Gotham pitcher Coach in the 3rd. Despite some fine fieldwork by Gotham right fielder Preacher, several foul-tips caught by catcher Scratch and one fine play by shortstop Trolley, the Atlantics took a commanding 9-1 lead after 4 frames.

The tide began to turn in the 5th inning when Trolley led off the inning with a 2-base hit and another stolen base, which allowed him to become the 2nd Gotham to swipe 100 bases for his career. Trolley was then able to tally his ace on a one-base hit by Slider to break Tree's string of Chicago innings. Quickstep began the Gotham attack in the 6th with a one-base hit and a theft of 2nd before tallying the Gothams 3rd ace on a 2-base hit by Stick. Coach began a stretch of fine pitching, with the help of superb fieldwork by Scratch, Quickstep, and himself to Chicago the Atlantics in both the 5th and 6th frames. In the 7th frame, The Mighty Gothams made this a ball game. Coach, Scratch, Trolley, Preacher, and Wombat each reached first safely on hits and stole a flurry of bases to tally 4 aces and bring the score to 9-7. A special note should be made that Trolley's 2 stolen bases allowed him to tie Spike (also known as Wuss) for the all-time Gotham stolen base record at 102.

The Atlantics would stand still no longer, their sleeping bats woke once again as they struck the ball fiercely and were able to tally 3 more aces to bring their lead up to 12-7. Both pitchers, Tree and Coach, took over the game from there on ace no more aces were tallied. The Gothams were also aided by a fine display of fieldwork by Flytrap in left field and several foul-ticks caught by catcher Scratch, but in the end it was just not enough to defeat the Atlantics as their superior play led to a 12-7 defeat for the Gothams.

Individual Stats - Game 1:

Flytrap - 1-4, 1 Ace, 2 SB

Coach - 1-4, 1 Ace, 1 SB

Scratch - 1-4, 1 Ace, 1 SB

Trolley - 3-4, 1 2B, 2 Aces, 4 SB

Slider - 2-4, 1 SB

Preacher - 2-3, 1 Ace, 2 SB

Brooklyn - 0-1, 1 BB, 1 SB

Wombat - 1-1, 1 SB

Bones - 0-3

Batman - 0-3

Quickstep - 2-3, 1 ace, 2 SB

Stick - 2-3, 1 2B

Aaron - 0-2, 1 BB, 2 SB

Game 2 vs. Flemington - 1864 Rules:

The beginning of the game was all Neshanock as the Flemington pitcher Chicagoed the Gothams in the 1st despite Coach's 3-base hit, while tallying 2 aces of there own to take an early lead. Preacher got the Gothams on the board with a one-base hit and the 1st of his 5 thefts on the day. He was able to tally his ace when Mike reached on a one-base hit. However, the Neshanock tallied twice more in the 2nd to take a 4-1 lead, but it would have been much more were it not for the Gotham catcher Scratch throwing out 2 Flemington base runners attempting to steal a base. Each club tallied 2 aces in the 3rd frame. The Gothams aces were tallied on a one-base hit by Flytrap, a 2-base hit by Coach, a theft of a base each and a long fly out to left field by Scratch. The Neshanock had additional runs thwarted by fine field work by Gotham 3rd base-tender Todd. This brought the tally to 6-3 in favor of the New Jersey club after 3 frames.

The Gothams were Chicagoed in the 4th as were the Neshanock thanks to an inning ending play where Trolley misplayed a daisy cutter at shortstop into the hands of 3rd base-tender Todd, who promptly threw the ball to 1st for the final out of the inning. Preacher's one-base hit and 2 base thefts led to an additional Gotham ace in the their half of the 5th, but the real explosion took place in the 6th inning. Scratch began the inning with a one-base hit and a swipe of 2nd base and was able to tally an ace on Trolley's one-base hit. Then the game had to be stopped as Gotham history was made when Trolley stole 2nd base for the 103 stolen base of his career to pass Spike for the All-Time Gotham record. Trolley picked up the base and declared "Spike was okay in his day, but today I am the greatest of all time!" After a brief bout of kicking with the day's arbiter Brooklyn, Trolley agreed to put the base down and allow the game to continue, but just for prosperity, Trolley swiped 3rd base as well. After Slider had to leave the game in the middle of his at bat with a hand injury, the Gotham onslaught continued. Preacher, Todd, Flytrap, Coach, Scratch, Trolley, and Wombat each had one-base hits and several base thefts to tally 8 times in the inning to build an insurmountable 12-6 lead before the Neshanock came to bat in the 6th.

While the Gothams began to tally aces at will, Coach Chicagoed the New Jersey club for each of the 5th & 6th innings, thanks in part to Slider making 2 excellent fielding plays on the bound in center field in the 5th and Scratch snaring 2 foul-ticks behind the plate in the 6th. Todd, Flytrap, and Coach combined timely hits and acts of thievery in the 7th for 2 more aces. The Neshanock battled back by tallying 2 aces in each of the 7th and 8th frames to bring the overall tally to 14-10 in the Gothams favor, but the Gothams put this match out of reach in the 9th when Coach, Scratch, and Wombat each struck one base hits, swiped a base, and tallied an ace. The last ace was tallied when Mike finally was not thwarted by the Neshanock left fielder and struck a ball past him for a 3-base hit. Coach ensured the battle would end in the Gothams favor by retiring all 3 Neshanock strikers in order in the bottom of the 9th to secure the Gothams 3rd victory of the season by a final tally of 17-10.

Overall, fine base ball was played on a fine day by this Gotham club leading them to both a victory and a defeat and also a place in the Championship game on Sunday. Until the morrow…Huzzah!!!

Individual Stats - Game 2:

Flytrap - 3-7, 3 Aces, 3 SB

Coach - 5-6, 1 2B, 1 3B, 3 Aces, 3 SB

Scratch - 3-6, 3 Aces, 3 SB

Trolley - 2-6, 2 Aces, 3 SB

Slider - 0-2

Wombat - 4-6, 1 Ace, 4 SB

Preacher - 4-7, 3 Aces, 6 SB

Mike - 3-7, 1 3B, 1 SB

Todd - 3-7, 2 Aces, 4 SB

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