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September 18, 2010

Game 1 - Jersey City Skeeters 11 - Gothams 8

Game 4 - Jersey City Skeeters 1 - Gothams 0 

Gotham Base Ball Club of New York vs Jersey City Skeeters

September 18, 2010

Old Bethpage Restoration Village

As always the fields at OBRV were beautiful and the weather was great for a fine day of base ball.  

1864 rules

After a delay of a few minutes the match began with both teams short of players.  To solve our crisis we borrowed from each other to make a defensive nine.  The important game rule of the day was no stealing because each team was short.  

The Skeeters scored 2 in their half of the frame and the Gotham BBC scored 2 in theirs.  Monk struck a nice ball to get to 1st base and came home on Wickets 1 base hit.  Flashtop hit a nice ball to get to first base and came home on Stacks' strike to right field.  Unfortunately, Stacks was thrown out trying to turn his 1 base hit into a 2 base hit.  In the 2nd frame both teams were held scoreless.  In the top of the 3rd frame a Skeeter fell victim to the ol' hidden ball trick when the short fielder Bugs held on to the ball and waited for the Skeeter to walk off 3rd base.  In the Gotham BBC's half of the 3rd frame the Gotham BBC scored once on a Wickets 1 base hit, a Bugs base on balls and a Stacks 1 base hit.  In the 4th frame the Gotham BBC scored 3 times to make the score Gotham BBC 6 Skeeters 5.  Unfortunately in the 5th frame the Gotham BBC played some fairly poor defense allowing the Skeeters to score 4 aces.  The Gotham BBC scored 3 more times and the Skeeters scored once more.  Unfortunately for the Gotham BBC they could not recover from that 5th frame and the match ended with the score Gotham BBC 8 Skeeters 11.

Monk, 1b  3-4, 1-2b, 1-bb, 2-o, 3-a

Wickets, p 3-5, 2-2b, 2-o, 3-a

Flashtop, cf 2-4, 1-2b, 1-o, 2-a

Bugs, sf    1-2, 2-bb, 2-o

Stacks, 3b 2-5, 3-o

Muffin, lf   2-4, 3-o

Hanky, rf   0-4. 4-o

Red, 2b     0-4, 4-o

1903 rules

We quickly gathered our forces and played the 2nd game of overhand baseball.  Monk began the game with some fine pitching and kept the Skeeters off the board.  In the Gotham BBC's half of the first Wickets was hit by a pitch.  His Captain tried to force him to rush the mound but the irreverent Wickets ignored him.  In the top of the 2nd inning, 3rd baseman Stacks, after stepping on 3rd base to force out a Skeeter, threw to 2nd base to get the double play.  Unfortunately  2nd baseman Hammer let the ball go through his hands, claiming he  lost the ball in the clouds!  The Skeeters scored 1 run that frame.  Unfortunately the Gotham BBC scored none the whole game.  The only hits were 1 base hits by Monk and Stacks.  The other Gotham BBC runners were all hit by pitches.  Monk pitched an excellent game keeping the Skeeters off the bases and Weed at catcher, took many a pitch off the knee, face mask and chest protector.  The final score was Gotham BBC 0 Skeeters 1.

Monk, p    2-4, 2-o

Wickets, ss 0-2, 1-hbp, 2-o

Flashtop, cf 0-1, 1-hbp, 1-k, 1-o

Weed, c     0-2, 1-k, 1-o

Stacks, 3b 1-2, 1-k, 1-o

Muffin, lf   0-1, 1-hbp, 1-k, 1-o

Hanky, rf  0-2, 2-k, 2-o

Flashbottom, 1b 0-1, 1-0

Players of the game:

Defense: Monk

Offense: Monk

Most ignored: Stacks 

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