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September 17, 2011

Game  - Gothams 15 - Brooklyn Eckford- 6 

New York Gotham BBC vs The Eckford of Brooklyn


September 17, 2011


Whitestone, New York


1864 Rules


The air was still cool from the morning when the first Gotham players

arrived at Frank Golden Field to find to find a couple of socers

laying down lines across right field in preparation for a game. The

socer captain claimed that he had permission from the town clerk to

use the field for his game and Bugs explained the Gotham relationship

with the county sheriff and judge. The socer team captain and Bugs

agreed that the socers would play their upcoming matches on the more

Eastern portion of the pitch.


The Gotham team was assembled in time for batting practice and it paid

dividends immediately. After a three batter inning by Eckford Keystone

singled off the veteran Eckford hurler in the bottom of the frame

followed by 5 consecutive singles, 13 stolen bases and double by Bugs.

7 aces tallied home during the frame followed by 4 more in the second

frame. The Eckford team had heated discussions on the bench and a new

hurler was on the mound in the 3rd frame.


During the 5th frame it was Crash in center field catching one Eckford

hit to the left of center at a full run for the first hand. Crash

recorded the 3rd hand of the frame on another long ball to center.

Nearly over his head and going away from home he got a hand on the fly

ball, could not hold on but completed the hand on the bound while

rolling. In the first half of the 6th frame Wickets completed all

three hands with ground ball catches and throws to Monk at 1b who

handled the throws with his usual tact. By the 7th frame Bugs and

Scratch had hit their stride and Scratch handily managed 3 foul tip

hands himself. In the 8th frame the new Scone trapped a line drive

down the 3rd baseline in self defense and it was agreed that both new

players deserve team names. Collector was once more frustrated with

his slump and being picked off at 1st after his lone hit. The Eckford

team despite regrouping and playing a stronger match were unable to

overcome the early Gotham lead.


Final Score: Gotham BBC 15, Eckford of Brooklyn 6


Keystone lf, 5-7, 2-o, 2-a, 2b, 6-sb


Wickets ss, 3-6, 3-o, 2-a, 4-sb


Monk 1b, 4-6, 2-o, 3-a, 8-sb


Scratch c, 3-5, 2-o, 3-a, 7-sb


Crash cf, 2-5, 3-o, 2-a, 3-sb


Hanky rf, 2-5, 4-o, 1-a, 1-sb


Muffin(Eric) 2b, 3-5, 2-o, 2-a, 3-sb


Bugs p, 3-5, 2-o, 2-a, 2b, 4-sb


Scone(Brian) 3b, 3-5, 3-o, 2b, 1-sb


Collector lf, 1-5, 5-o,




Game honors to:


Offence: Keystone


Defense: Crash

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