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September 15, 2002

Game 1 - Gothams 19 - Elizabeth Resolutes 8

Gotham continues winning way!

On a rain soaked Sunday afternoon, Gotham added to their win streak by pummeling the Elizabeth Resolutes 19-8. 18 runs rained down in the first four innings for Gotham and all the scoring on both sides ended in the 6th when Gotham added one more, an inning after the real rains came. We batted around in the 4th (13 hitters) with 10 consecutive batters reaching base and 8 runs tallied in that inning. A 25 hit barrage yielded 24 singles and 1 double. The second game was called due to time and weather.


Scopes- 4 for 6, 1 double, 6 times on base (two bb) 2 runs 5 sb's.  Stacks- (with a little help from Fred- a Resolute who joined us until Stacks showed up) 3 for 5, 6 times on base (1fc, 2 bb) 3 runs, 3 sb. Booth -3 for 6, 5 times on base (1fc, 1bb) 3 runs, 3 sb. Spike- 1 for 3, 4 times on base (one e, 2 fc) 2 runs, 3 sb (Spike stealing bases? A sure sign of the apocolypse!) Jitters- 1 for 5, 1 run, 1 sb. Trolley- 3 for 5, 4 times on base (1 bb) 1 run, 3 sb. Rugs- 4 for 5, 5 times on base (1 e), 2 runs, 2 sb. Rube- 2 for 7, 1 run, 1 sb. (Special thanks to Rube who did a LOT of running for Booth. Way to atone for those sins buddy!) Player of the game honors go to Walker: 4 for 4, 6 times on base (1 e, 1 bb) 4 runs, 7 sb! 19 runs on 25 hits! Every player scored at least once. Spike replaced Drew in the box in the 1st and pitched a great game. Excellent defence by Scopes, Jitters, Walker and Rube who picked up where he last left off by snagging 6 foul tips behind the plate. Also special recognition goes to Booth's right testicle for making a spectacular play saving a run and possibly ruining any chance of ever carrying on the Frady family name.

Nice work Gotham!

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