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September 10, 2011

Game 1 - New York Mutuals 7 - Gothams 6 

Game 2 - Gothams 5 - New York Mutuals - 1 

Gotham BBC vs New York Mutuals


 September 10, 2011


 Old Bethpage, New York


 1864 Rules


The Gotham BBC made the pilgrimage to Old Bethpage Village to the well worn

 grounds of many games played. Joining the veteran Gotham players to round

 out the field were Willy Moe, Flash and Dream of the Atlantic club and

 Bullseye a local Bethpage club player. Gotham began the match with few hits

 and only a single ace in the second frame. The Mutuals although not overly

 threatening managed 4 aces in the first 4 frames. The match continued to be

 a defensive contest until the 7th frame when Gotham tallied 3 aces and drew

 to within a single ace in the tally. (When did they score 7) The Gotham BBC scored once more in the 8th frame and

 again in the 9th but was unable overcome the 7 aces of the Mutuals.


 Final Score Gotham 6, Mutuals 7


 Wickets, ss 1-4, 4-o, 1-sb

 Willie Mo 3b 1-3, 3-o, 1-a, 1-sb

 Scratch, c 2-4, 2-o, 2-a, 2-sb

 Flash lf 2-4, 2-o, 2-a, 2sb

 Crash, cf 2-4, 2-o, 2sb

 Bugs, p 0-4, 4-o

 Stryker rf 3-4, 2-o, 1-sb

 Muffin(jon) 0-3, 3-o

 Weed, 1b 1-3, 2-o, 1-sb

 Bullseye 2b 0-3, 3-o


 Gotham BBC vs New York Mutuals


 September 10, 2011


 Old Bethpage, New York


 1864 Rules


 After a brief respite and cooperation of the weather, the Gotham and Mutual

 clubs commenced a second match. Collector's bat and glove proved once more

 to be hardly present. There was speculation from the cranks that the player

 identified by the Gotham club was not actually the legendary Gotham himself

 but those questions were put to rest by Wickets who dispatched them

 with haste. The Gotham club started the match with a surge of offense not seen

 earlier in the day and scored 3 aces in the first frame. An ace in the

 second on a 4b hit by Wickets who claimed that he owed it all to his base

 running skill alone which caused the errant throws of the opposition. Gotham

 scored its 5th and final ace in the 3rd frame. Although twice striking base

 hits in the 6th frame, the Gotham base runners were quickly erased from the field

 by following pages 23 and 35 of "How to run the bases" and were thrown out

 by significant lengths attempting to acquire second base. The Gotham defense

 held the Mutual club without an ace tallied through 8 frames. In the 8th frame, with one

 batter down a ground ball was struck to the left side of second, mishandled

 by the ss player, then booted, the Mutual nearly fell on his long journey to

 1st, seconds past by, regaining his balance the Mutual once more regained

 his feet beneath himself and strode towards second, the throw finally came

 in ahead of the runner and was dropped by the baseman. That runner

 eventually scored the single Mutual run and there was much rejoicing on the

 Mutual bench. Both teams celebrated the match with a hearty huzzah but

 Collector was unusually subdued and did not appear for the closing Huzzah.

 He was truly missed. All of his Gotham teammates felt assured that he would return to

 his former self soon and wished him well on his intrepid journey back.


 Final Score Gotham 5, Mutuals 1


 Wickets, ss 3-4, 1-o, 1-4b, 3-sb, 2-a

 Bugs p 1-3, 3-o, 1-sb

 Scratch c 1-4, 3-o, 2-sb, 1-a

 Crash, cf 1-3, 3-0, 1-sb, 1-a

 Willie Mo lf 2-4, 2-o, 3-sb, 1-a

 Stryker rf 1-3, 1-bb, 3-o

 Muffin(jon) 2b, 1-4, 4-o

 Weed, 1b 0-2, 2-bb, 1-sb

 Dream ss, 0-1, 1-o

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