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August 9, 2003

Game 1 - Roxbury Nine 11 - Gothams 3

Game 2 - Roxbury Nine 19 - Gothams 5

Rain threatened all afternoon and the smell of cauliflower frying permeated the air as the Gotham BBC took on a superior Roxbury 9 club at the Margaretteville Cauliflower Festival in Margaretteville, NY on Saturday. Gotham didn't allow a ton of runs in game one - but did in game two.

Game 1:

Once again hitting was our foil. 9 hits the entire game only produced 3 aces. Defense was ok- with one really nice over the shoulder; one bound catch by Pops- going away from second base. A relatively quiet game.  We allowed 4 runs twice and 3 runs once- Chicagoing the opponents in 6 innings.  Final; score 11-3.

Stats - Game 1:

buster- 0 for 4;

Homer- 0 for 3;

Tuck- 1 for 3, 2 sb;

Spike2 for 3 (2 1b), sb, 2 aces;

WilkesBooth- 1 for 3, 1sb;

Rube-2 for 4 (2 1b),1 sb, 1 ace;

Trolley 1 for 4, 1 sb (Welcome Back Trolley!);

Jitters- 1 for 3;

Candles- 0 for 3;

Game Face- 0 for 3;

Kid- 1 for 2;

Pops- 0 for 2

Game 2: T

his was a little more difficult too take- as Gotham allowed 5 in the 2nd and 10 in the 3rd and were quickly out of it. Of course - we are not used to the overhand pitching and it showed with 7 strike outs. But we did manage 10 hits and 5 aces. The umpiring for this game was atrocious- but both sides were pretty equally effected. The fielding was also pretty bad on our part. Everyone can take the blame here. Game shortened to 6 innings as it became less and less fun for booth teams and it was extremely hot and moist out. Booth struck out 4 pitching two innings and noticed that one of their runners didn't touch home and was able to tag the player on his bench for the out. Unfortunately - Drew's emotional side got the better of him again - being called out at first (Alright I was out- And later in the game at second- But even their catcher said he saw I was safe. Whatever- I apologize for the embarrassment and want to take this space to thank you all and tell you how grateful I am for a group of guys who surround me and tell me to knock it off. I'm glad there aren't more like me on the team. Thank you guys!

Also our newest addition - Paul Casperson got his nickname- sloppy dressing makes for good names! Welcome "Tuck" Casperson. For that matter- Watching Homer go to bat with his hat on backwards and his bib in half way- then sideways- then having to be dressed by someone else was a hoot!  Final score 19-5

stats - Game 2:

Buster- 1 for 2 (bb), 1 sb, 1 ace;

Homer1 for 2 (bb) 1 ace;

Tuck2 for 3 (1b, 2b);

Wilkesbooth- 1 for 3;

Rube 2 for 2 (2 1b, bb) 1 ace;

Spike 0 for 2 (1 hbp);

Trolley- 2 for 3, 1 ace;

Jitters- 1 for 2 (1 hbp), 2 sb, 1 ace;

Candles- 0 for 3;

Kid- 0 for 2 (1 bb);

Pops 1 for 2

Nice hitting by Tuck, Rube and Trolley!

From Rube- on the day- new team stats- 4 movie quotes, 2 Drew explosions 24 curses (Not all by drew by the way!) and 3 "Graceful" falls by Booth, Spike and Candles.

Thanks for making the long trip guys. For those of you who didn't stick around- we actually had a really good time at the bar afterwards with the Roxbury guys.

A few pieces of business now. Jitters suggested a practice this week after work. Once again, i am not available but if you would contact Jitters and let him know if you are available- someone can pick up the equipment from me and have at it guys. I would suggest working on being patient at the plate.

We 've swung at a lot of crap over the last few weeks!!

It was suggested that I alter the line up to shake things up in the coming weeks. Might be a good idea. I've been trying to start guys who come to every game and giving priority to guys who were here last year. I may change things this week- but as usual- everyone will get into the game.

Also - so you are aware- I've been running the line-up like a 19th century line up. Not with the fastest hitter first, followed by a push along guy and some power in the 3-4-5 spot- with weaker hitters at the end. Instead- I've been alternating batters with speed and power. This was common at the time- but didn't necessarily maximize run potential- mostly because the point back them was for each player to make their ace- not maximize runs for the team. I may change that as well this week and try a more modern batting line-up.

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