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August 6, 2005

Game 1 - Waterbury Connors 10 - Gothams 3

Game 2 - Gothams 14 - New York Knickerbockers 5

Game 1 - 1864 Rules:

Old Bethpage, NY - For the second straight week of base ball the Gothams have displayed a loss and some team history. The Gothams lost their first game in the Old Bethpage festival to the Waterbury Connors 10-3 came back in the 2nd game to beat the New York Knickerbockers 14-4 to record a franchise record 7th victory, which surpassed the 6 victories recorded in 2002.

The Gotham bats started off quite slowly on this hot and sunny summer day as the Gothams were Chicagoed in the 1st, with only a single and a stolen base by Scratch to show for it. Spike, the Gotham pitcher, was touched up for two aces by the young and fast Waterbury club in their half of the inning. Once again the Gotham strikers could not tally an ace in the 2nd, but the Waterbury club would add another ace for a 3-0 lead. The situation could have been worse as the inning only came to an end when Trolley was able to get a force out at 2nd after muffing a fly ball in center with 2 outs to end the inning. The circus like ending to the 2nd helped create some fire in the Gothams as the tallied 3 aces in their half of the 3rd inning to tie the game at 3. Stacks and Scratch each singled, but the big hit came from Sparky's bat as he lofted a long fly into the woods for his 3rd home run of the season. Unfortunately for the Gothams, Waterbury tallied 3 more times in the bottom of the 3rd to take a lead (6-3) that they would not relinquish.

After 2 hands were down in the 4th Rugs singled and stole 2nd and moved to third when Stacks reached on an error. Stacks then stole 2nd to put runners on 2nd and 3rd for hot-hitting Scratch, but the Gotham rally was thwarted by a fine throw by the Waterbury catcher to pick off Rugs at 3rd for the final out. The Gothams Chicagoed the Connors in the 4th thanks to 2 foul tips caught by Rugs and a fine grab of a foul bound by Ironweed. The Gotham strikers failed to mount any sort of a challenge the rest of the game as they were Chicagoed for the final 6 innings. Waterbury tallied 2 more aces in each of the 5th and 7th innings while being Chicagoed in the 6th and 8th innings. A fine play by Sparky on a bounded throw to first and a grab of a line drive by Ironweed at 3rd kept the score from getting completely out of hand, but in the end, the final tally was 10-3 in favor of Waterbury.

Overall, the Gothams were simply outplayed on this hot afternoon by the fine young team from Connecticut.

Individual Stats - Game 1:

Scratch - 3-4, 1 Ace, 1 SB

Kid - 1-4

Coach - 0-4, 1 SB

Sparky - 2-4, 1 HR, 1 Ace, 1 SB

Trolley - 0-4

Spike - 0-4

Ironweed - 1-3, 1 BB, 1 SB

Rugs - 1-4, 1 SB

Stacks - 3-4, 1 Ace, 2 SB

 Game 2 - 1860 Rules:

For the second straight year the Gothams finished off the Old Bethpage Festival by playing against the New York Knickerbockers. Things started slowly again for the Gothams as they were Chicagoed in the top of the 1st. In the bottom half of the inning, Coach pitched a 1-2-3 inning to Chicago the Knicks as well. The missing Gotham offense reappeared in the 2nd as they exploded for 5 aces. Trolley got things started with a single and a stolen base and came home to score quite easily on Spike's might blast for a home run. The long-time Gotham slugger was feeling the heat of the brash young Sparky catching up on the all-time Gotham HR list and felt relief by keeping pace. A rivalry between the 2 Gotham ballists is on the rise as rumors have it that Spike dropped a throw intentially in an attempt to keep Sparky out of the Penny Dailies. The added the final 3 aces on singles by Rugs, Stacks, Jacks, Scratch and Sparky to give the Gothams a 5-0 lead. The Knicks were Chicagoed again in the 2nd, but not without some drama. With Daffy, the Knicks harmonica specialist on 3rd and 1 hand down, Scratch caught a fly ball in left and threw home in an attempt to get Daffy at home. Daffy appeared to tally an ace, but when the Gothams got the ball back to 3rd baseman Jacks, he was called out by the arbiter for leaving the base early and keeping the Gotham whitewash in order. Both teams were chicagoed in the 3rd.

The Mighty Gothams tallied 2 more aces in the 4th on singles by Jacks and Coach and a double by Sparky. The Gotham defense remained intact to Chicago the Knicks again in the 4th before being Chicagoed again themselves in the 5th. Coach's bid for a complete whitewash was thwarted by Express, the Knicks pitcher, who hit a home run to get the Knicks on the board, but no more aces would be tallied that inning as Sparky gunned down 2 Knicks runners attempting to swipe 2nd base. Jacks quickly matched Express feat by hitting a home run himself to lead off the 6th frame. Kid then added a single, stole 2nd and 3rd and came around to score on a 3-bagger by Scratch. Sparky, Spike and Rugs added 3 more singles to tally 2 more aces to give the Gothams an insurmountable 12-1 lead. The Knicks were Chicagoed again in the 6th, thanks in part to a fine play by Rugs, the Gotham right fielder who cleanly picked up a ground ball and threw the striker out at 1st base.

The Gothams were whitewashed in the 7th while the Knicks added 2 aces to get within 12-3, but a snag of a line drive by Coach, who then threw to 1st for a double play kept the Knicks from getting closer. The Gothams tallied 2 more times in the 8th on Sparky's single (yes Sparky was involved in the scoring again), Rugs 2-bagger and Stacks single. Coach put the Knicks down in order in the 8th. The Gothams were also Chicagoed in the top of the 9th, leaving the game up to the Gotham defense. The Knicks mustered a mini-rally in the bottom of the 9th to tally an ace, but when the final pop-up fell into Trolley's hands at 1st, the Gothams had there historic 7th victory in the books. Overall, 2 fine games were played on this hot summer day. Until next week…Huzzah!

Individual stats- Game 2:

Kid - 2-6, 1 Ace, 3 SB

Scratch - 3-6, 1 3B, 3 Aces, 3 SB

Coach - 3-6, 1 Ace

Sparky - 4-6, 1 2B, 2 Aces, 2 SB

Trolley - 1-5, 1 Ace, 1 SB

Spike - 2-5, 1 HR, 2 Aces

Rugs - 3-5, 1 2B, 2 Aces

Stacks - 2-5

Jacks - 3-5, 1 HR, 2 Aces


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