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August 5, 2006

Game 1 - Waterbury Conners 16 - New York Gothams 3

Game 2 - New York Gothams 9 - Mudville Nine 5

Game 1 - 8/5/2006 - Old Bethpage, LI - vs. Waterbury Connors - 1864 Rules

On a beautiful morning in Old Bethpage, Long Island the young Waterbury Conners were wide awake and ready to play this fine game of base ball, but unfortunately for the many fans of the Gothams club in attendance, the veteran Gothams were not prepared to start the game. The Conners Chicagoed the Gothams in the first 2 innings, whilst the Gothams surrendered 9 aces to the Connors over that same time frame. The newest Gotham, Wombat traveled all the way from Australia by boat and then by carriage to make his Gotham debut as a pitcher. It was a rough go as his pitches avoided the strike zone like it was the plague that hit Europe some years ago. The Conners took advantage by tallying 5 aces off of him. The Gothams altered their defense when Rugs woke in time to step on the field for the bottom of the 2nd inning. Coach moved in from shortstop to relieve Wombat in the 2nd, but was plagued by poor Gotham fielding and some finely struck balls by the Conners to surrender 4 more aces before Pops made a fine play on a line drive to 2nd, but the ultimate result put the Gothams in the hole by 9 aces.

Scratch took things into his own hands by hitting a 4-base hit to tally the Gothams 1st ace of the game in the 3rd. The Gotham defense finally settled itself, as Coach Chicagoed the Conners for 3 consecutive frames. Coach picked off a wayward runner at 1st base in the 3rd inning, while Trolley and Pops caught line drives in the 4th. The 5th frame was highlighted by a foul tip caught by Youngblade (a rover from the Mutuals) and a foul-tip double play mastered by Youngblade, Coach, and Spike. The problem for the Gothams though was that the Conner fielders were up to the task as they Chicagoed the Gothams 2 more times afterwards leaving the tally at 9-1 in favor of the Conners after 5 frames.

It appeared that things were brightening up in the 6th when Scratch reached 1st on a base hit, promptly stole both 2nd and 3rd base and tallied his ace on a 3-base hit by Coach. Coach tallied an ace of his own by coming home on a long fly out to center field by Trolley to bring the score to a more respectable 9-3. Then the gates of Hades opened up and removed any semblance of cohesiveness obtained by the Gotham defense in the prior 3 innings. The Waterbury club tallied 8 more aces over, through, and around the Gotham fielders to build an insurmountable 17-3 lead. Due to an unusual afternoon darkness, this game was to be called after 7 frames instead of the usual 9. In the Gothams last opportunity, Spike led off the frame by reaching 1st base on a miscue by the Waterbury pitcher. He appeared to have had his 100th career stolen base, but Wickets saw a pitch he couldn't resist and flew out to left field to start a double play as Spike had no chance of returning to first base before the left fielder's throw. Wombat made the final out to shortstop to put an end to the contest.

Although the Gothams did not play particularly well, the Conners should be applauded for their fine play this morning. 3 Cheers to them.

Individual Stats:

Scratch - 2-3, 1 HR, 2 Aces, 2 SB

Coach - 1-3, 1 3B, 1 Ace

Trolley - 0-3

Sparky - 0-3

Spike - 0-3

Wickets - 1-3, 1 SB

Pops - 2-2, 1 BB

Wombat - 0-3

Youngblade - 0-2

Rugs 0-2

Game 2 - 8/5/2006 - Old Bethpage, LI - vs. Mudville Nine - 1864 Rules

After a long wait, the darkness receded and the Gothams took the field again at 5 in the afternoon against a new opponent from Massachusetts, the Mudville Nine. Luckily for the Gothams, this game started an hour late considering Shoeless managed to show up 15 minutes late as he was lost on the Long Island for nearly 10 hours trying to find the field for the morning game and Rugs set a new Gothams record by being late for a game 2 times in one day at one location. Once the game finally started the Gothams did have 9, thanks to Youngblade, a rover from the Mutual club of New York.

The Gothams took the field first and put the Mudville's down in order thanks to 2 fine stops by Shoeless at first base, the first on a line drive and the 2nd on daisy cutter. The Gothams were held without an ace in their half of the frame, then went back to their finer fielding. After allowing a hit, Coach picked off a sleeping runner at 1st base. Once again, Coach stopped the team from Mudville with a nice play on a one-hopper to him for the second hand down, then threw to Youngblade at home for the 3rd hand to end the threat. The Gothams were again held without an ace in the 2nd, leaving the tally at nil-nil after 2 innings.

The bats came to life in the 3rd frame. Wombat screamed "I got it" loud enough to be heard in his native Australia, he made his first putout as a Gotham by catching a fly ball to right field for the first hand down. Then things got ugly for the mighty Gothams, as ground balls and fly balls and throws were eluded without grace to allow 2 aces to tally for the Nine, but the bleeding was finally stopped when Trolley caught a line drive at 3rd base. The Gothams came right back though with 3 aces of their own. Wombat reached first on his first hit as a Gotham, but followed that up by being caught stealing by the length of his native continent of Australia itself. Youngblade picked up the pace again with a 2-base hit and came home to tally his ace on a single by Scratch. Coach followed with a 2-base hit to allow Scratch to tally his ace. Spike then hit a monumental blast to left field that the Mudville left fielder somehow managed to catch on a bound for the 2nd hand down, but Coach was able to tally the 3rd ace of the inning to give the Gothams a 3-2 lead. Both teams were Chicagoed in the 4th frame.

The Gothams fielder's once again took the 5th inning off, dropping everything they could and throwing away what they could not drop to give the lead back to the nine by a score of 4-3. Fortunately for the Gothams, as was the case the last time they responded with 3 aces after the Nine tallied twice. Wombat led off with a base on balls, and scored all the way from 1st base on a 2-base hit by Youngblade. After Youngblade stole 3rd base, Scratch also had a 2-base hit and a stolen base and came home on a single by Coach to give the Gothams a 6-4 lead they would refuse to relinquish.

Coach retired the Nine in order in the 6th, before the Gothams added 3 more aces in their half-inning. Rugs started the rally with a monstrous ground-rule 2-base hit after Shoeless led off an inning for the 3rd straight time with an out. Rugs hopped up and down, then stole 3rd and tallied the Gothams 7th ace on a single by Wombat. Youngblade then had the hit of the game by placing the ball far over the head of the Mudville left fielder. The only question that remained for Youngblade was whether he would have to stop running to wait for Wombat to proceed around the bases, but the ball was hit far enough for Wombat to stumble home and collapse 2 paces later, while Youngblade was on his heals giving the Gothams a 9-4 lead. Amazingly enough, for the 2nd time today a Gothams game would have to be shortened to 7 innings due to darkness, so all that remained was to hold the Nine to 4 or less aces in the 7th frame. After a quick out, the Mudville club began to get hit after hit adding their 5th ace of the game. Then Coach decided that he had had enough. He retired the next Mudville strike on strikes, then promptly turned and pick off his 3rd runner of the day at 1dt to end the game in favor of the Gothams by a final tally of 9-5.

Overall this was a well played game by both the Gothams and their first-time opponents, the Mudville Nine. Huzzah!!

Individual Stats:

Scratch - 3-4, 1 2B, 2 Aces, 3 SB

Coach - 2-3, 1 2B, 1 Ace, 1 SB, 1 Win

Spike - 0-3

Trolley - 0-3

Shoeless - 0-3

Rugs - 2-3, 1 2B, 1 Ace, 2 SB

Pops - 0-3

Wombat - 2-2, 1 BB, 2 Aces

Youngblade - 3-3, 2 2B, 1 HR, 3 Aces, 1 SB

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