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August 4, 2002

Game 1 - Brooklyn Atlantics 18 - Gothams 13

Game 2 - Brooklyn Atlantics 10 - Gothams 2

In weather warm enough to melt a pitch before it crosses home plate, the Gothams fell twice this weekend to the Atlantics.

Game 1:

Game one was a high scoring affair in which the Gotham boys drew close in the late innings, but lost 18-13. A difficult second inning in which we surrendered 10 aces did us in. defensively, nnot a lot to discuss. Atlantic hit the ball hard and hit it where we ain't. The gem of the game came from a visiting player. A ballist friend of Buster came al the way from Rochester to make a diving catch in left field reminiscent of childhood slip-n-slide dives. On the offensive side Rube and Bones led the way with three aces each. Rubes first runs of the season! Congrats! Spike tallied twice and Jitters and Trolley each ring the bell once. Three more runs weere plated by new first timers Venus, George and our favorite new player MABLE! Rube 3 for 5, 5 SB; Bones 3 for 5, 4 SB; Spike 2 SB (Both by the way on the back end of double steals by he and Bones) The offensive highlght (?) though was the first Gotham "Four Bagger" of the year. Sorry Bones I just can't call it a home run!

Game 2:

Game two a seven inning affair was won going away by the Atlantic squad 10-2. Gotham once again fades in the heat (We need some conditioning).  Defensively, Booth make a nice play on a ball down the first base line, lobbing the ball over the runners head on a bound to Spike at first while falling in to foul territory.  Offensively, aces by Trolley and Bones in te fourth were all we could muster. Buster with 2 SB; Bones 2 for 3, 4 SB Jitters a well struck double, 2 for 3. We lost several players for the game- but valiantly drew upon what we had available and recruited yet another player who may join us for the rest of the season and beyond. Jim "Sabr" Hislop, a historian at the Queens Public Library played a decent second bag and has expressed interest in playing our September games with us.

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