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August 28, 2010

Game 1 - Pittsfield Elms 17 - Gothams 8

Game 4 - Pittsfield Elms 17 - Gothams 3 

Gotham Base Ball Club of New York vs Pittsfield Elms

Hellgate Park

August 28, 2010

Game 1, 1864 Rules

Game 1 started with both teams short staffed.  The Gotham BBC jumped to an early lead at the top of the first frame with 3 straight hits to start the game and a total of 5 hits for the frame.  The Elms took the lead for good on the bottom of the first.  The Gotham BBC played very well with a great heads up double play from el Presidente.  Late in the game the guard arrived in the form of Stockings, Weed and Flash ( who played for the Elms).  Both Stocking and Weed contributed by scoring Aces.  The final score showed the Gotham BBC as the non-winners of the match needless to say the loss was a moral win for the Good Guys.  Thanks go out to Red for playing on short notice and contributing 2 hits and drove in an ace.

Gotham 8 - Elms 17

Collector, cf 3-4, 1-bb, 2-sb, 2-a, 2-o

Monk, 1b  5-5, 2-a

Wickets, p 4-5, 1-2b, 1-a. 2-o

el Presidente, 3b 1-5, 1-SB, 1-a, 5-o

Bugs, ss    2-5, 3-o

Dutch, lf    0-5, 5-o  

Red, 2b     2-4, 3-o

Stockings, rf 0-1, 1-a, 1-o

Weed, c     1-1, 1-a


Wickets 18 Runs, 2 Ks


Offensive Player - Monk

Defensive Player - el Presidente


Game 2 Overhand Game 


Game 2 started the opposite of of game 1.  With two tough pitchers on the mound the scoring didn't start until the 3rd frame when the Elms took the lead for good. The defense was again spectacular this game as el Presidente started his 2nd double play of the day.  But not to be outdone, Collector added to his outfield assists by cutting down not one but TWO Elms would be scorers at 2nd base and home plate.  Great stops of the ball were made by Stockings at 3rd base and Dutch at first. With the score relatively close, Gotham BBC 3 - Elms 7 the two teams went into the 6th frame.  Unfortunately for the Good Guys, by the end of the sixth and seventh frame the Elms scored10 runs had and the Gotham BBC chance to win the game was out of reach. The one and only lost ball of the day was a monster 4 base hit allowed by Wickets in the 7th and final frame. 

Gotham 3 - Elms 17

Collector, cf 0-4, 4-o

Monk, p/ss 0-3, 3-o

Wickets, ss/p 3-3, 1-2b, 1-sb, 1-a, 1-o

el Presidente, rf 3-3, 3-sb, 1-a

Weed, c     1-3, 1-a, 2-o

Bugs, 2b   1-3, 3-o

Stockings, 3b 2-3, 1-sb, 2-o

Dutch, 1b  1-3, 3-o

Muffin, lf  0-3, 3-o


Monk 6 IP, 6 Ks, 13 Runs

Wickets 1 IP, 2Ks, 4 Runs


Offensive Player - Wickets

Defensive - Collector, 2 assists at 2nd and home

Thanks go out to the Elms who played a very good set of matches in the most sportsman like way possible.

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