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August 25, 2002

Game 1 - Providence Grays 13 - Gothams 9

Game 2 - Providence Grays 13 - Gothams 7

Gentlemen: Terrific weekend! Unfortunate that we lost two- but I would say on the whole we played our best ball of the season. We seriosuly held our own with a very talented team who plays much more regularly than we and practices often. I received an e- mail from Pete Fallon (their shortstop and captain) saying what a pleasure it was playing us. They were impressed with our ability and sportsmanship nd were very nervous in both games over possiblly losing. So Nice work!

Game one 1864:

Gothams lose 13-9. Good all around defense. Nothing sticks out as spectacular - remind if I missed someting. At the bat Spike was clearly our hero. Going two for for , he tripled and recorded the Gothams first official roundtripper of the season Homering off the top of the fence deep in left field. Scored two aces on the day. Nice work Spike! Other notables: Buster 2 for 4 , 2 aces; Walker 2 for 4 2 aces. The new kid on the block - Ken's nephew Al (Known as "Genius") 3 for 4 , Double, 2 aces, 5 SB; Booth 2 for 4 double, sb, 1 ace; Bones - 2 sb (adding to his team leading total of 10,000 -or so it seems); Rooster 2 for 4, 2 SB ( how bout that for the big guy!); Jitters double

Game two 1884:

Gotham Loss 13-7 This was most interesting gentlemen. Please tell me what you all think of this game- perhaps we'll schedule mor of these if we all like it a lot. We hit much better than I ever expected.  Defensively, again, a very solid game- let me know if i missed anything spectacular. Really good catching by Spike. Booth did an admirable job on one leg after injuring it again in the second inning. Good pitching as well by Booth, Trolley and special kudos to Walker for pitching the final four innings with aplomb. Hitting: Buster 4 for 6, 2 aces, 3 SB (nice game buster!) Bones 2 for 5, 1 run, 1 sb (With a swolen foot nonetheless); Genius 3 for 5 (with a fourth time on base on an error/assist from booth), double, two runs, 1sb; Booth 2 for 5, double. On the down side - 2K's in my last two at bats.; Jitters 3 for 5 - nice consistency with the bat; Rugs 1 for 5 but made the most of it with 2sb and a run.

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