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August 21, 2011

Game 1 - Elkton Eclipse 10 - Gothams 1 

Game 2 - Gothams 17 - Chesapeake 9 - 5 

Gotham BBC vs Elkton Eclipse

Philadelphia Navy Yard

August 21, 2011

1864 Rules


ARCHIVES EMERGENCY! The Archives Phone™ was deafening. The Archives Spotlight™ was shining in the northern sky. Stacks threw his wife, dog, and acid-free folders into the car and tore off to save the Archives. Unfortunately, for the Gotham BBC, he left a gapping offensive hole in the number 8 spot. More noteworthy to the Gotham BBC offense, Monk had to abandon the team for a more relevant emergency, NO BEER IN NYC! The Gotham BBC lost to their most hated rivals the Elkton Eclipse, the final score was Gotham BBC 1 Elkton Eclipse 10


Keystone, lf 1-4, 3-o, 1-sb

Southwark, 3b 2-4, 2-o, 1-a, 2-sb

Scratch, c 3-4, 2-o, 3-sb

Crash, cf 1-4, 3-o

Wickets, ss 1-3, 3-o

Mouth, 2b 0-3, 3-o

Tim, rf 2-3, 2-o

Weed, 1b 1-3, 2-o

Bugs, p 1-3, 2-p

Andrew, rf 1-3, 3-o

Bob, 2b 0-2, 2-o



Gotham BBC vs Chesapeake 9

August 21, 2011

Philadelphia Navy Yards

1864 rules


As the Gotham BBC sat shaking after their stunning and brutal destruction on the base ball diamond, they saw a light; they heard the french horns, they raised their heads to the heavens; and the "spirit" washed over them. A faint whisper escaped from their mouths, "archives?" slowly it spread "archives?!" until every Gotham was chanting and pounding their bats "ARCHIVES!" "ARCHIVES!" "ARCHIVES!" "HUZZAH!" Stacks had vanquished the Archives emergency - processing, preserving and describing a set of records! The Gotham BBC savior arrived.


Conversation betweens Stacks and Gotham teammates as they sat around waiting for their next game.


Stacks: "How'd you guys do?"

Teammates: "Crappy"


Stacks: "Who played 3rd?"

Teammates: "Wickets"

Stacks: "Sorry"


With their hero Stacks in attendance and some Atlantics to round off the Gotham BBC 9, the Gotham BBC was ready to play their most hated rivals the Chesapeake 9. Scratch spent the better part of an hour explaining to his teammates how to handle the bat toss. By the end of his pedantic speech, his teammates were so disgusted by his braggadocio, they made him do the bat toss. Of course he lost. The Gotham BBC were strikers first.


The Gotham BBC began with aces by Keystone and Wickets' 1 base hits and thefts. The Chesapeake 9 scored 1 ace in their half of the frame. In the 2nd frame, no team scored. In the 3rd frame, the Gotham BBC scored many an ace by well struck balls by Dream, Keystone, Scratch, Wickets and Crash. Wickets and Scratch struck 2 base hits. In the bottom half of the 3rd frame with two aces already tallied and 1 of the 9 on 1st base, another 9 struck the ball to Hawk at second base. Hawk grabbed the ball on the 1 base hit to get the 1st hand; threw to Dream covering 2nd base; and Dream chased down the runner to get the 2nd hand. 2 hands in 1 play, Huzzah! By the end of the 3rd frame, the score was Gotham BBC 7 Chesapeake 9 3.


In the 4th frame the Gotham BBC scored 2 aces by Muffin's 1 base hit and Dream's fairly massive 4 base hit. The Chesapeake 9 scored 1 ace. In the top of the 5th frame, the Gotham BBC scored 4 aces by Hawk, Bugs, Weed and Muffin. In the bottom of the 5th frame, the Chesapeake 9 scored 1 ace. Crash made a beautiful catch to prevent more aces from tallying. In the 6th frame, no team scored. In the top of the 7th frame, Muffin, Dream and Keystone scored aces.


In the bottom of the 7th frame, the Mighty Bugs tired. After pitching 3 ¾ games, 33 innings over 2 days, he was beat. He pulled himself from the game and Wickets took the pitcher's position. A big resounding …....... nothing came from the Gotham BBC to acknowledge Bugs' effort. Booooo. After the 7th frame no team scored. The final score was Gotham BBC 17 Chesapeake 9 5


Keystone, lf 4-6, 1-2b, 2-o, 3-a, 5-sb

Scratch, c 5-6, 2-2b, 2-o, 1-a, 2-sb

Wickets, p/u 3-6, 1-2b, 3-o, 2-a, 2-sb

Crash, cf 3-5, 3-o, 1-a, 4-sb

Hawk, 2b 3-6, 3-o

Bugs, p 5-6, 1-o, 1-a, 3-sb

Weed, 1b 2-5, 4-o, 1-a, 2-sb

Stacks, 3b 1-5, 5-o

Muffin, rf 3-5, 2-o, 3-a, 3-sb

Dream ss 3-5, 1-3b, 1-4b, 2-o, 3-a


Heroes of the Day

First game

Offense: Wickets

Defense: Monk


Second game

Offense: Keystone

Defense: Scratch


Third game

Offense: Southwark

Defense: No one


Fourth game

Offense: Keystone

Defense: Dream


Super Hero of the Weekend:

Monk for saving NYC from the Beer Shortage of 2011

Bugs for pitching so much at such an advanced age


Most boring and frankly useless pedagogue

Scratch - can't even win the bat toss, a field in which he has multiple advanced degrees

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