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August 17, 2003

Game 1 - Elizabeth Resolutes 9 - Gothams 4

Game 2 - Gothams 18 - Elizabeth Resolutes 17

Gothams Lose... GOTHAMS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 It was hot and moist and unlike the past the Gothams refused to wilt! The GBBC earned a split with the Elizabeth Resolutes!

Game 1:

Your hometown boys finally began to swing the bats- churning out 10 hits in this game - but only ale to tally 4 aces. The game was kept close- with the resolutes only scoring 9 aces themselves- but fine fielding on their part and not-so-fine base running on our part squelched a couple of rallies. A looooong infield grass kept in field hits interesting and while we adjusted well in the late innings- it took us too long to get there. Witness Elizabeth's nebishy 2nd baseman (Spike's best friend) who went 4 for 5 in the first game with out hitting a ball out of the infield. The Bad: Your captain being caught off first by the hidden ball trick. (Candles- I can't understand why you'd be afraid to call me out???). Also- W'ere re-naming Homer "Willie Mays Hayes"- after his headfirst slide into first ended up about a foot short of the bag. The Good: Booth redeeming his baserunning by producing two foul outs behind the plate as well as teaming up with Ji tters to throw out a runner stealing third. Good pitching by Spike (nice change-up) kept it close, along with good defense by Game Face at Short and nice running snags in right field by both Rugs and Stacks. Final score- 9-4 Resolutes

Stats Game 1:

Kid: 1 for 4 (1b), 1sb;

Game Face-2 for 4 (2 1b)1 sb, 2 aces;

Pops 0 for 2;

Homer 0 for 2;

Jitters- 2 for 4 ( 2 1b) 4 sb, 2 aces;

Booth- 1 for 3 (1b);

Trolley-2 for 4 ( 2 1b) 2 sb;

Spike- 1 for 5 (1b), 1 sb;

Rugs- 0 for 1 (1 bb) 1sb;

Bones- 0 for 2;

Stacks- 0 for 2;

Walker 1 for 2 (1b) 2 sb

Defensive star: As stated above- good defense by Game FAce, Booth, Stacks and Rugs - will split the award. Offensive star- Game Face and Jitters got nearly a third of our hits and all four runs. Also Great job umpiring by first timer Candles!!!

Game two:

It took the Gothams a while to get going but things started to come together in the 4th inning when your heroes tallied 4 and pulled to within two aces. Elizabeth pulled away again but the hometowners lashed back in the 6th with 3 and narrowed the gap back to 2 aces. It was then that our fearless hurler- Stacks had to pull himself from the contest due to a previous commitment. His last words..."Don't stick me with a loss, guys." And so the Gothams obliged by scoring 6 in the 8th and two in the 9th while holding Elizabeth to 3 total in those two innings. It got scary in the 9th when, with two outs Elizabeth scored all three of those runs and had the tying and winning runs in scoring position, but Gotham settled down and produced the final out and an 18-17 Victory! Some strange base running again when Candles stopped before hitting first late in the game- apparently assuming the center fie lder had caught the ball- but he was forgiven because of an earlier beautiful over the shoulder catch in right field. GAme FAce was called out on runner interference when he momentarily collided with the Elizabeth Short stop on a ground ball (The rule here-in 1873- states that on a ground ball the fielder must have every opportunity to field the ball. It's different on a fly bal tough). Homer looked like Rube Kreitzman in the 4th when he retired the side in three foul ticks! Booth Struck Out 1 in relief. Also Kudos to Pops who was given the difficult task of umpiring an 1870's game for his first assignment. Well done, Brother!

Stats - Game 2:

Kid 1 for 4 (1 1b, 1 bb), 4 sb, 2 aces;

Game Face- 2 for 3 ( 2 1b, 3 bb)3 sb, 2 aces,

Booth- 2 for 4 (2 1b) 4 sb, 2 aces,

Rugs- 1 for 3 (1b, 1bb)3 sb, 2 aces;

Bones- 2 for 4 (2 1b), 3 sb;

Kid- 4 for 4 (4 1b) 3 sb, 2 aces;

Homer- 3 for 5 (3 1b, 1 reached on Error), 2 sb, 2 aces;

Trolley 0 for3;

Spike; 1 for 2 (1b, 1 bb), 1 ace;

Candles-2 for 6 ( 2 1b) 1 ace

Defensive star- Again, Homer did a fine job behind the plate!

Offensive- Kid Corby walked away with the game ball ( you owe us $22.00 for that ball!) for having a perfect game at the plate with 3 stolen bases and two aces! (just kidding about owing us for the ball.)

Also- a big thank you goes out to the HAMMER! Spike's wife, Jennifer for making us the truly awesome outfield foul line flags! They are great! In Fact, I'm bringing them to Rochester and we'll plant them by our bench to let everyone know who we are!

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