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August 15, 2010

Game 1 - Elizabeth Resolutes 22 - Gothams 3

Game 4 - Elizabeth Resolutes 33 - Gothams 2 

Gotham Base Ball Club of New York vs Elizabeth Resolutes

Hellgate Park

August 15, 2010

Sunday was a beautiful day at the field and the East River was a beautiful sight.  Unfortunately the Gotham play was not so beautiful.

1870 rules


Our first game of base ball began with a Wickets 1 base hit, stolen base and a run home after Monk's one base hit.  Unfortunately 1 ace was the only run the Gotham club could muster that frame.  In the bottom half of the frame the Resolutes started teaching the Gotham BBC a lesson about our new field.  When hitting the ball over the fence, it goes into the East River and is lost.  Well, the Resolutes scored 11 aces in their half frame.  Not all was bad that half frame, the Gotham defense did catch a Resolute trying to steal 2nd base and we completed our first of two successful run downs of the day.  Stacks noticed a Resolute leaning too far to 2nd base.  He quickly threw to Monk and the Resolute ran for 2nd base.  Monk chased after him with abandon.  Meanwhile Stacks stood on the pitchers mound enjoying the fresh air, letting air ruffle his abundant locks, watching the tall ships sail through Hell Gate.  Meanwhile a run down was happening.  Monk tossed the ball to Hanky.  Stack woke up from his slumber and ran to cover first base.  Hanky chased after the Resolute, tagged him out and nailed Stacks for being a space cadet.

The Gotham BBC continued its spectacularly bad offense and didn't score a run until the 4th frame.  Flash walked, stole 2nd base and came home on Bugs 1 base hit.  In the third inning the Gotham BBC completed a double play with Wickets and Hanky.  However the Resolutes scored 8 more aces and hit a few more balls into the East River.

In the 5th frame Wickets hit a one base hit, stole 2nd base and came home on Monk's one base hit.  In the Resolute's half of the 5th frame Wickets used one of his Wickets to deflect a ball to Hanky to force a Resolute out at 2nd base.

The Gotham BBC scored no more that game but we did allow the Resolutes to score a bunch more.  The final tally was Gotham BBC 3 Elizabeth Resolutes 22.

Wickets, ss 2-4, 2-sb, 2-o, 2-a

Monk, 1b 2-4, 1-sb, 3-o

Flash, cf 1-3, 1-bb, 3-o, 1-a

Weed, lf 2-4, 2-sb, 3-o

Bugs, c 2-2, 2-bb, 3-sb

Dutch, rf 0-4, 4-o

Stockings, 3b 1-3, 2-o

Hanky, 2b 1-3, 1-sb, 2-o

Stacks, p 1-3, 2-o



Our 2nd game of base ball that day began with the Gotham BBC in the field.  The boys were confident that, in playing our rules, we would end the day on a high note.  Sadly, the Resolutes scored 11 aces by hitting more balls into the East River.  In the 3rd frame, the Gotham BBC scored their first aces.  Wickets hit a one base hit, moved to 2nd base on Bugs 1 base hit, stole 3rd and 4th base.  Bugs came home on a base hit by Flash.  That's all folks!  2 aces.

In the 4th frame after the Resolutes hit another ball into the East River, Stacks brought out Ol' Brown Bessie - the softest, brownest and deadest ball in Queens County.  No one could see the ball but for the rest of the game it stayed out of the water.

The Resolutes scored 22 more aces and the game ended Gotham BBC 2 Resolutes 33.

Monk, 1b 1-3, 3-o

Wickets, lf 2-3, 3-sb, 1-o, 1-a

Bugs, c 2-3, 1-sb, 1-o, 1-a

Flash, cf 2-3, 1-sb, 2-o

Weed, ss 0-2, 1-bb, 1-sb, 2-o

Stockings, p 2-3, 2-sb, 3-o

Dutch, rf 0-4, 4-o

Hanky, 2b 0-3, 3-o

Stacks, 3b 1-3, 1-sb, 2-o

Note on statistics: o = outs made.  From now on we are computing the aces to outs percentage using outs made and aces.  Wombat can now shut up.

As always, Wombat umpired an excellent game and the Resolutes were a fine opponent.  The lesson we learned during the game was any ball hit over the fence is an out and which ever team hits the ball into the river has to replace it.  And the most important lesson learned, next year we will not play at Hellgate Field.

Players of the Game

1870 rules Elizabeth Resolutes vs Gotham Base Ball Club

"Offensive" player: Wickets 

"Defensive" player: Hanky

1864 rules Elizabeth Resolutes vs Gotham Base Ball Club

"Offensive" player: Wickets

"Defensive" "player": Ol' Brown Bessie 

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