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July 9, 2011

Game 1 - Gothams 16 - Manetto Hill Surprise 2 


Gotham Base Ball Club of New York vs New York wait...Manetto Hill Surprise

July 9, 2011

Frank Golden Park College Point, NY

1864 rules

The Gotham BBC was surprised to learn that their opponents for Saturday's match were not going to be the NY Mutuals, their cross town rivals, but the Manetto Hill Surprise. At the last minute, the Mutuals were caught with the dreaded scourge Consumption (consumption of scaredy cat!) and could not form a team. Fortunately, the Manetto Hill Surprise saved the day and set forth from the distant farmland of Long Island to play some base ball. A minor fender bender delayed the game but we played some fun base ball on a blisteringly hot and sunny day where the temperature by the end of the game was 93.

The match began with 2 Surprises scoring on some well smacked balls and the Gotham BBC playing some lazy defense. The Gotham BBC followed with 1 ace of their own with a Scratch 1 base hit, 2 stolen bases and a Sleepy base hit. After that 1st frame, the Surprises would score no more because the Gotham defense had woken up. el Presidente, playing right field, led off the 2nd frame with repeat of last year. He caught the ball, tore his nail, and threw to 1st base to catch the runner off the bag. Unlike last year, this time he didn't tear his nail, break his finger and freak out his teammates by showing us his bloody, boney gash, but continued to play the game. Let's all remember not to tell the First Lady because she will yell at him.

In the 3rd frame, both teams were held scoreless, with the Gotham BBC having a quick 1 hand, 2 hand, 3 hand inning and some fine fielding by Monk and Sleepy. In the 4th frame, Stacks caught a 1 bounder getting the striker out and tagging the base runner as he ran to 2nd. In the bottom of the 4th frame, the Gotham BBC's bats woke up. Scratch and Sleepy had massive strikes all the way out to the in-field, with Sleepy going all the way to 2nd base on his dribbler towards 3rd. Gotham BBC scored 3 times and by the end of the 4th frame the score was Gotham BBC 4 Manetto Hill Surprise 2.

In the bottom of the 5th frame, Stacks and Collector scored 2 more aces. In the bottom of the 6th frame, el Presidente, Bugs and Stryker scored aces. In the bottom of the 7th frame, Sleepy legged out a 1 base hit, attentively strolled off first to steal that 2nd base, and got tagged out by the 1st base tender. I believe in the 19th century base ball terminology we call that "a very stupid play." Meanwhile, the Gotham BBC played exceptional defense, by allowing no aces and very little Surprise base running.

In the 8th frame, Scratch hit a beautiful 4 base strike! Sleepy redeemed himself by creating a home field rule, when the ball bounces over the left field fence 400 feet away, the striker stays at 2nd. He eventually came home on a stolen base and Crash's 1 base hit. The Surprise did not score in the top of the 9th frame and the game ended Gotham BBC 16 Manetto Hill Surprise 2.

Collector, lf 1-5, 4-o, 1-a

Monk, 1b 3-5, 1-2b, 2-o, 3-a, 6-sb

Scratch, c 3-5, 1-4b, 2-o, 3-a, 4-sb

Sleepy, ss 4-5, 2-2b, 2-o, 2-a, 3-sb

Crash, cf 3-5, 3-o, 1-a, 2-sb

el Presidente, rf 3-5, 2-2b, 2-a, 1-sb

Bugs, p 4-5, 1-o, 1-a, 2-sb

Stryker, rf 2-5, 1-3b, 3-o, 1-a

Weed, 2b 0-4

Stacks, 3b 3-4, 1-2b, 1-o, 2-a, 5-sb

Heroes of the day

Offense: Scratch

Defense: el Presidente (followed by the rest of the Gotham BBC)

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