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July 9, 2005

Game 1 - Providence Grays 29 - Gothams 2

Game 2 - Providence Grays 28 - Gothams 10

Game 1 - 1884 Rules:

Providence, RI - After a long drive up to Providence, the day got a lot longer for the Gothams as they suffered a tough break in more ways than one. The Mighty Gothams were bettered twice by our hosts from Providence to drop back down to .500 for the first time since opening day at 5-5. But clearly the toughest break was the loss of the Gothams 3rd baseman Digits.

The 1st game on this overcast day was played by the Grays 1884 rules, meaning the Gothams got to play their first overhand game of the year. After winning the coin toss to gain the right to play the field first, the Gothams won little else. The Grays batsmen took their toll on Trolley's pitching and the Gotham defense to take a 6-0 lead in the top of the first. The Gothams got on the board in the bottom of the inning on a 2-out single by Trolley, a double by Sparky, and a single by Gotham throw-back Jitters to get the Gothams within 5, but the score would not get any closer. Everything fell apart for the Gothams in the 2nd as the Grays tallied 15 times to take an insurmountable 21-1 lead. The Grays combined good hitting with some porous Gotham defense to seemingly bat around several times. After the Gothams were Chicagoed in the 2nd the Grays tallied 6 more aces to take a 27-1 lead.

Believe it or not, the Gothams did start to turn things around on the field in the 3rd inning as Slider recovered from his early game shakiness to haul in to fly balls with fine catches. Slider followed up his fine defense with a walk (even though both Slider and the Grays Captain Brian felt that one of the balls was a gift), and 2 stolen bases before scoring on the catchers throwing error. Unfortunately for the Gothams they would score no more afterwards. The Defense did get better though, as the Gothams Chicagoed the Grays in the 4th (possibly for the first time ever) due partially to 2 solid plays by shortstop Ironweed (note Geoff finally has his nickname). The highlight of the inning, however, was when the Grays muffin singled and was duped by the hidden ball trick by Trolley and Sparky. The bats did not follow though as the Gothams were Chicagoed themselves in the 4th.

After holding the Grays to only 2 aces in the 5th, thanks in part to a great catch of a foul tip by catcher Spike, the Gothams went down quietly in the bottom of the inning to end the game with the final tally of 29-2 in favor of the Grays.

Individual Stats - Game 1:

Slider - 0-2, 1 BB, 2 SB, 1 Ace

Ironweed - 1-3, 1 SB

Trolley - 1-3, 1 Ace

Sparky - 2-2, 1 2B

Jitters - 1-2, 1 SB

Digits - 0-2

Spike - 1-2, 1 2B

Stacks - 1-2

Candles - 0-2

Dutch - 0-2

Game 2 - 1864 rules:

The Gothams started the 2nd game by losing the bat toss and then it was all downhill from there. The Gothams were Chicagoed in the first, while the Grays tallied 3 times for a lead they would not surrender. Then tragedy struck. Digits led off the 2nd with a single and attempted to steal 2nd on the first pitch to Trolley. As Digits slid into the base the catchers hard throw hit him square in the back, which appeared to be the cause of tremendous pain for the Gotham 3rd baseman, but that was the least of his problems. It turns out that he broke his ankle quite badly by jamming into the Grays 2nd baseman. This was a terrible loss for the team as Digits (accompanied by Trolley) was carted away by ambulance to the hospital to eventually have surgery the following day to repair his leg. The Gothams will miss their teammate for the remainder of the season and we wish him well. Digits was then replaced in the game by Perro who eventually scored on singles by Stacks and Candles.

The Gothams kept things relatively close for 5 innings by holding the Grays to only 7 aces, while scoring 4 aces of their own. Mostly due to the hitting display of Sparky who doubled and scored in the 3rd and hit the 1st out-of-the-park home run in Gotham team history. Things fell apart completely with back-to-back Gotham innings in the 6th and 7th allowing the Grays to tally 6 and 12 aces, respectively, to take a commanding 25-8 lead. The Gothams did tally 4 times in the 7th on singles by Brian (the Grays captain filling in for the injured Gotham Dutch), Jitters, Spike and Perro in Tandem with 2 Grays errors. The Gothams tallied 2 more times in the 8th on singles by Candles, Brian, and Jitters. The Grays tallied their final 3 aces in bottom of the 8th and then Chicagoed the Gothams in the 9th for a final tally of Grays 28 - Gothams 10.

Overall, the Gothams have nothing to be ashamed of in losing to a very good base ball club, but the tough break of losing Digits to injury left a sad shadow over the playing field on this fine day. Til next time, Huzzah!

Individual Stats - Game 2:

Slider - 1-5, 3 SB, 2 Aces

Ironweed - 1-5, 3 SB

Jitters - 3-5, 4 SB, 1 Ace

Sparky - 2-5, 1 2B, 1 HR, 2 SB, 2 Aces

Spike - 2-5, 1 SB, 1 Ace

Digits - 1-1, 1 SB

Perro - 1-4, 1 Ace

Trolley - 0-0

Stacks - 1-5, 1 SB

Candles - 3-5, 1 SB, 1 Ace

Dutch - 0-2

Brian - 2-2, 3 SB, 2 Aces


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