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July 31, 2011

Game 1 - Elizabeth Resolutes 10 - Gothams 5 

Game 2 - Olneyville Cadets 22 - Gothams 10 

Old Bethpage Restoration Village's Annual 19th Century Base Ball Tournament

Gotham BBC vs Elizabeth Resolutes
1864 rules
July 31, 2011

The Gotham BBC strutted their stuff onto the Fairgrounds that Sunday afternoon. We were confident. We were winners. The game began with the Resolutes at the line. They scored no aces. The Gotham BBC score 1 ace with Keystone making the ace himself - striking to 1st base and stealing all the way to 4th base. In the 2nd frame Collector made a very casual looking one handed grab in left field. The Resolutes scored 5 aces. Collector ended the frame with another casual looking one bound hand.

The Resolutes scored 2 aces in the 3rd frame and the Gotham BBC scored 1 ace. In the 4th frame, the Resolutes scored 1 ace and the Gotham BBC countered with an ace of their own. In the 5th frame, the Resolutes scored 1 ace and the Gotham BBC scored none. In the 6th frame, Collector pulled off a great double play. He caught the ball on a bound; threw the ball to Bugs at 4th base; and Bugs nailed the runner before he crossed 4th base! In the 7th frame, Collector showed his teammates how to play base ball by making some amazing catches in left field. By the end of the 6th frame the score was Gotham BBC 4 Elizabeth Resolutes 9.

In the top of the 8th frame, for the 2nd time this game, the Gotham BBC were mean to their opponents. With a Resolute on 3rd base, the striker hit the ball foul to Bugs. Bugs threw the ball to third and hit the runner right in the back. Stacks cursed Bugs to high heaven and the runner ran home. Stacks ran to the ball and threw to Wickets standing at 3rd base. Double play, yet mean play. The Resolutes did score 1 ace that inning. In the bottom of the 9th frame, the Gotham BBC scored 1 ace, not enough to win the game. Gotham BBC 5 Elizabeth Resolutes 10

Collector, lf 1-5, 4-o, 1-a, 1-sb
Oates, ss 2-4, 2-o, 2-a, 2-sb
Keystone, 1b 3-4, 1-2b, 1-o, 1-a, 5-sb
Wickets, p 1-4, 1-2b, 3-o
Bugs, c 1-3, 2-o, 1-a, 1-sb
Stryker, rf 2-3, 2-2b, 3-o
Hanky, 2b 0-4, 4-o
Crash, cf 1-4, 4-o
Stacks, 3b 0-4, 4-o

Gotham BBC vs Olneyville Cadets
Main field
1882 rules
July 31, 2011

The Umpire started the game by telling both teams he did not want to be here. Oh well.

This game was full of ribald conversation and jocularity ensued. The Cadets scored 2 aces in the 1st frame and the Gotham BBC scored none. In the 2nd frame, the Cadets scored none and the Gotham BBC scored 1. Both teams scored 1 ace in the 3rd frame. In the top of the 3rd frame the Gotham BBC team observed a surprising call by the Umpire and witty banter was had by all. In the 4th frame, the Cadets scored 4 aces and the Gotham BBC scored 2.

In the 5th frame, the Cadets scored 7 aces. The Cadets observed a surprising call by the Umpire and more banter ensued. The Umpire did not appreciate the banter and left the field. The Always Amiable TC strolled around the corner minding his own business, enjoying a nice 32 oz beer. He was, as we like to call it, "at the wrong place at the wrong time." Since he was NOT sharing his good ale, we forced him to umpire 2 hours of grueling base ball.

After 5 frames, Wickets was done as pitcher. He kept the Gotham BBC in the game but his arm was dead. Huzzah for Wickets. Gotham BBC 7 Cadets 14

In the bottom of the 5th frame, Collector and Stacks had droll banter about life, love and things. Meanwhile, the Gotham BBC scored 2 aces. No team scored in the 6th frame. In the 7th frame the Cadets, hit a bunch of balls and stole a bunch of bases, scoring 7 aces. The Gotham BBC scored 3 aces. After 3 hours of base ball on a way too hot day, we were done. The Cadets struck well, ran well, and defended well. We were beat. Gotham BBC 10 Olneyville Cadets 22.

Collector, lf/1b 3-5, 2-o, 1-a, 1-sb
Oates, ss 2-5, 2-0, 1-a, 2-sb
Wickets, p/lf 1-5, 4-o, 1-a
Keystone, 1b/c 4-5, 1-2b, 3-o, 2-a, 2-sb
Stryker, cf 3-5, 4-o
Bugs, c/ss/p 4-4, 1-o, 2-a, 1-bb
Crash, rf/p 3-4, 1-o, 2-a, 1-bb
Hanky, 2b/rf 3-5, 2-o, 1-a
Stacks, 3b 2-4, 2-o

Heroes of the Day

1st game
Offense: Wickets
Defense: Coach (keepin' `em from stealin'!)

2nd game
Offense: Oates (making it look easy, 8 stolen bases)
Defense: Oates (making it look easy, no errors, backing up everyone, amazing catches)

3rd game
Offense: Keystone
Defense: Collector (keeping the score close)

4th game
Offense: Bugs
Defense: Wickets (and the rest of the team was not so good)

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