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July 30, 2011

Game 1 - Gothams 8 - Providence Grays 7 

Game 2 - Gothams 14 - Waterbury Connors 12 

Old Bethpage Restoration Village's Annual 19th Century Base Ball Tournament

July 30, 2011

Gotham BBC vs Providence Grays
1864 Rules

July 30, 2011

The Gotham BBC, in casual, dandy fashion, arrived fashionably late. We make no excuses, we are the only team from NYC! We sashayed forth to take on the most hated opponents of all, the Providence Grays. Most hated for what they did to poor Digits' ankle way back when. Oh my dear Grays, we have the memories of elephants.

The match began with Collector getting a 2 base hit, stealing 3rd base and crossing 4th base on Keystone's 2 base hit. Keystone stole 3rd base and crossed 4th base on Coach's 1 base hit. Coach came home after a couple of steals and a 1 base hit by Wickets. The Gotham BBC scored 3 aces that first inning and kept the Grays off the scoreboard. From the 2nd frame to the 5th frame, the Grays scored 7 aces and the Gotham BBC scored none.

In the top of the 6th frame, Coach pulled off a nifty double play. I add the "nifty" because I don't remember what happened but any double play needs an adjective and nifty is a fine one. The Gotham BBC entered the bottom of the 7th frame finding themselves down by 4 aces. By the end of the 7th they found themselves tied at 7. Wickets led off with a 2 base hit and a steal of 3rd base. He crossed 4th base with a base hit from Hanky. Hanky stole 2nd base and came home on Dusty's 1 base hit. Dusty stole 2nd and came home on Stacks' 2 base hit. Stacks came home on Collector's 2 base hit. Scarily, a Gray ran into a tree trying to catch Collector's batted ball. He was on the ground for a few minutes, but he got up and continued to play! Collector was left stranded on 3rd base.

The Gotham BBC held the Grays off the scoreboard the rest of the game, thanks to some great defense. In the top of the 8th frame, Collector showed off. The striker hit the ball to left. Collector jumped to the ball, gobbled it up and threw a perfect strike to Dusty and got the striker OUT AT FIRST! That was pretty awesome.

In the bottom of the 9th frame, Dusty hit a 1 base hit but was caught stealing 2nd base. Crash stroked a 1 base hit. Ran to 2nd base on Weed's out. With Stacks on base and 2 hands, the speed demon Crash booked it to 3rd base. To the relief of his teammates, he made it! Stacks worked the count full and then took a ball behind him. Forcing Crash from 3rd base. Gotham BBC win and for the first time against the Grays. The win felt kind of cheap but them is the rules. Gotham BBC 8 Providence Grays 7.

Collector, lf  2-4, 1-2b, 1 3b, 2-o, 1-a, 1-sb
Oates, ss  0-4
Keystone, 1b  2-4, 3-o, 1-a, 1-sb
Coach, p  1-4, 3-o, 1-a, 2-sb
Wickets, c 3-4, 1-2b, 1-o, 1-a, 1-sb
Hanky, rf 2-4, 3-o, 1-a, 1-sb
Dusty, 1b 3-4, 2-o, 1-a, 1-sb
Crash, cf 1-4, 3-o, 1-a, 1-sb
Weed, 2b 0-4, 4-o
Stacks, 3b 1-2, 1-o, 1-a, 2-sb, 2-bb

Gotham BBC vs Waterbury Connors
Schneck Field
1864 Rules
July 30, 2011

The Gotham BBC strolled across the lovely grounds of Old Bethpage Restoration Village to play the Waterbury Connors and play them we did. The game started with the Connors striking and striking well. Stacks allowed a ground ball go through his fingers, but Oates got the ball and threw a perfect throw to 1st base to get the striker. Nice Play! The Connors ended up with 3 aces. The Gotham BBC followed with 2 aces of their owen by well struck balls by Oates and Keystone. Oates even stole home. In the top of the 2nd frame, the Gotham BBC again played some very good defense. Oates ran to the ball, caught it, let it bounce out of his hand and nabbed it just before it bounced again. Annoyingly, he made it look easy. For the 2nd hand, Stacks made a nice sliding catch on a foul ball. In the bottom of the 2nd frame, the Gotham BBC was held scoreless.

In the 3rd frame, again the Gotham BBC defense was exceptional. Oates caught a screeching line drive for the 1st hand. He ended the frame by throwing a perfect strike to 1st base to catch the speedy striker. The Gotham BBC did not score in their half. In the 4th frame, the Connors scored 2 aces and the Gotham BBC's Oates, Keystone and Coach scored 3 aces. In the 5th frame, the Connors scored 1 ace. In the bottom of the 5th the Gotham BBC scored 5, with one of the aces tallied when Stacks was balked home. In the top of the 6th frame, the Connors scored 3 and the Gotham BBC scored 4. At the end of the 6th frame, the score was Gotham BBC 14 Connors 9.

In the 7th frame, the Connors scored 3 aces. The Gotham BBC threatened in their half of the 7th. Crash hit a 1 base hit and stole 2nd base. With the striker, Stacks, menacing (well slightly intimidating) his opponents at the line, Crash did not trust Stacks to bring him home and decided he would strike again. Crash ran to 4th base to take the bat away from Stacks. Everyone was flummoxed but Crash. Connors collided. Balls were thrown. Gothams were waving their arms. Stacks was yelling MY BAT! MY BAT! Cool, cool, calm and collected Crash bore to 4th base. He was going to strike himself home! Realizing that his strategy was violating most rules of the Base Ball Rule book, Crash decided to run to 3rd base. The Connors tagged him out. Thwarted, nay defeated, Crash laid down at 3rd base to cry. I beg of you, do not tell Scratch. The Gotham BBC haven't seen such shenanigans since 2002 when a Gotham ran from 1st to 3rd across the pitcher's mound.

No team scored the rest of the game. In the 8th frame, Coach, Wickets and Oates combined for their 2nd throw out of a base stealer. All around, nice play. The game ended with a Gotham win! Gotham BBC 14 Waterbury Connors 12

Collector, lf 1-5, 1-3b, 4-o, 1-a
Oates, ss 4-5, 1-o, 3-a, 8-sb
Keystone, 1b 2-5, 1-2b, 3-o, 2-a, 2-sb
Coach, p 3-4, 1-o, 2-a, 3-sb
Wickets, c 1-4, 3-o, 1-sb
Hanky, rf 0-4, 4-o
Dusty, 1b 2-4, 3-o, 1-a, 2-sb
Crash, cf 2-4, 3-o, 20a, 1-sb
Weed, 2b 2-2, 1-a, 1-sb
Stacks, 3b 2-4, 2-o, 2-a

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