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July 28, 2002

Game 1 - Elizabeth Resolutes 11 - Gothams 10

Game 2 - Elizabeth Resolutes 13 - Gothams 5

Recap: Game 1-

Played a great game on Sunday! Well played by both sides but unfortunately one bad inning does us in again. Elizabeth Resolutes score 6 in the 8th and Gotham loses 11-10. Rough Loss after having a big lead. In the 90 degree heat and humidity, Buster, Walker and Hootie (From here on out called "Rugs") all run the bases with aplomb scoring twice each w/ Leeches, Bean, Spike and Jitters bringing in the other aces. Buster goes 3 for 5 with a triple and a beautiful fair/foul Double behind third base and 1 steal.

Walker goes 2 for 5 w/ 3 sb's! Spike 2 for 5. Rugs 2 for 4. In the field our right garden tender, Rugs, shows his skill at hurling and does an admirable job. Trolley snags a hot liner in the 1st and Leeches runs down a long skyscraper to deep left center, but the defender of the game was easily Rube. Rube shows his ginger by diving to his right for a foul tick in the 2nd inning and ending up with a face full of sod but the ball firmly in his fingertips. From there it was a walk in the park as he went on to record 5 more foul outs in the game. Huzzah! Wilkes Booth umpires and causes controversy in the 7th as Spike touches all four bases on an over throw.  Spike slides head first into the home plate and the tag is applied after a beauty of a throw to the behind from foul territory behind the first sack.  But the catcher must turn to make the tag after receiving the sphere. Alas!  Too late! Spike is safe! The gentlemen from Elizabeth vehemently protest but Booth sticks by his guns. Spike Wojtak is safe on a VERY close play.

In game two

Gotham wilts in the warm weather, falling to the men from Jersey 13-5. Buster tallies twice more. 2 for 4 with a walk and 5 stolen bases.  Including a crafty theft of the home bag in the first. Other ringing the bell are Walker, Bean and Rugs. Rube, braced by his antics in the first game kills four more rallies behind the plate with his soft hands and shows his arm strength by gunning down two runners at the third canvas. He also swings the timber well and swats two hits in 4 attempts. Leeches matches that.

The offenseive star of the day is clearly Buster. 5 for 8 plus a base on balls four aces tallied and 6 THEFTS! Defensive star- Rube has 10 put outs and two assists. Jitters umpires and does a more than admirable job!

Controversey again occurrs when the Resolute shortscout slides too hard- spikes up - into third base and sends Trolley to the ground with a badly injured shin. (Editorial note: While I understand playing hard- I believe spikes should NEVER be up in the air!) Trolley leaves the game in the 6th and is replaced by a crank who goes 2 for 2 and also snags a hard liner.  Injury notes: Trolley went to the hospiital on Sunday and was given crutches and told to stay off his foot for a couple of days. But nothing was broken. bHe'll bbe fine. Walker fractures his Pinkie. Both hope to try to play on Sunday. No word on Bean's hand yet- but he gets a couple of weeks off to rest it.

Editor's note:  Trolley did not think play was dirty and continues friendship with Anthony

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