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July 21, 2007

Game 1 - Brooklyn Atlantics 18 - Gothams 3

Game 2 - Brooklyn Atlantics 16 - Gothams 9

North Meadow, Central Park, NY - 7/21/2007 - On as fine a day as you will find in New York's Central Park, The New York Gothams and the Atlantics of Brooklyn fought hard for 2 games of base ball. The Atlantics were victorious in both instances by tallies of 18-3 and 16-9.

Game 1 - 1864 Rules:

All though the setting was beautiful, the Gothams play was not. With the help of some porous Gotham defense the Atlantic club jumped out to a 10-0 lead in Coach's season debut in the pitching box, with 3 aces in the 1st and 7 more in the 2nd. Despite the dreaded Gotham 2nd inning, Coach did show some ginger with a fine fielding play and by putting an Atlantic out on strikes The Atlantic hurler Tree Chicagoed the Gothams in the first, but the Gotham batters began to show a spark of life in the 2nd inning. Corey followed a one-base hit by Dutch with a 2-base hit of his own for the Gothams first ace. Hanky brought Corey home with a one-base hit to bring the score to 10-2.

The next 4 frames featured a pitching duel between Tree of the Atlantics and Coach of the Gothams as no aces were tallied, but that did not mean that these innings were uneventful. Coach retired a 2nd batter on strikes in the 3rd, picked off a base runner at 1st in the 4th and retired the Atlantics in order in the 5th. Ringer, Slider and Rugs each made excellent plays to retire Atlantic strikers on bound outs. The most unusual play in Gotham history occurred in the Gotham 4th. Ringer led off the inning with a 2-base hit and reached 3rd on a one-base hit by Scratch. After an infield out by Shoeless left runners at 2nd and 3rd, Coach bounded out to left field, but while Ringer hesitated to run Scratch did not, leading to a tricky play at home plate as both runners slid simultaneously to attempt to tally their ace, Scratch to the left and Ringer to the right. The only problem was that Scratch touched home plate 1st meaning Ringer was out and no aces tally!

The Gothams proceeded to produce a couple more Gotham innings by avoiding balls struck by Atlantics bats at a frantic rate which allowed the Atlantics to tally 4 aces in each of the 7th and 8th innings, while the Gothams continued to be Chicagoed by Tree until Scratch manufactured an ace on his own in the 9th with a one-base hit a stolen base and some crafty base running, but it was not enough as the Atlantics prevailed by a final tally of 18-3.

Individual Stats - Game 1:

Flytrap - 0-3

Ringer - 2-3, 1 2B, 2 SB

Scratch - 2-4, 1 Ace, 1 SB

Shoeless - 0-4

Coach - 0-4

Trolley - 1-3, 1 SB

Dutch - 2-2, 1 Ace

Corey - 2-3, 1 2B, 1 Ace

Kip - 2-3

Irv - 0-1

Slider - 1-2

Rugs - 0-2

Game 2 - 1864 Rules:

Although the Gothams began the 2nd game with another Gotham inning allowing 3 Atlantic aces, this was a much better played game until the Gothams began to fall down…literally. The Gothams came right back in their half of the 1st inning with a 2-hands down rally. Coach and Trolley each reached on a one-base hit and swipe 2nd base and both also tallied an ace on Slider's 2-base hit. Slider promptly stole 2nd base and tallied on Rugs base on balls. Welsh and Dutch combined to bring Rugs home with one-base hits and gave the Gothams a 4-3 lead.

The Atlantics began to struggle with Coach's pitching as he Chicagoed them in the 2nd and 3rd with some defensive help and shenanigans. 1st Gotham shortstop Trolley caught a bound off the hands of 2nd base tender Hanky for the first out in the 2nd. The Atlantic Shortstop then displayed one of the finest base running feats in history as he avoided all 9 Gothams in a run down between 1st and 2nd bases to not only reach 2nd base, but 3rd as well when no Gotham was covering 3rd base! Luckily for the Gothams the final Atlantic striker foul ticked the ball to Gotham catcher Scratch while no Gotham was in center field. Meanwhile the Gothams tallied 2 aces in the 2nd on a base on balls to Jess, one-base hits by Flytrap and Trolley and a 2-base hit by Scratch, and an additional ace in the 3rd on a base on balls by Rugs and a 2-base hit by Welsh to give the Gothams a 7-3 lead after 3 innings.

Then the Gothams fell apart as the scariest moment in team history unfolded. After 2 hands were down, thanks in part to Scratch catching Tree stealing 2nd base, Rugs staggered off the field and fell down due to the extreme heat. He turned gray and passed out with his eyes open for 15 seconds scaring the life out of all present. Thankfully, Rugs recovered quickly and was able to walk home on his own. The shaken Gothams found it difficult to perform after losing their comrade and slowly relinquished their lead on the field. The Atlantics tallied twice in each of the 4th and 5th innings and once in the 6th to the score at 8-8 after 6 frames. The Gothams got their lone ace during these 3 frames when Flytrap singled, swiped 2 bases and tallied on Scratch's bound out.

The Atlantics took over the game for good in the 7th by tallying 3 aces for an 11-8 lead. It could have been much worse though if it weren't for the finely executed double play turned, when Dream (filling in on defense) fielded a daisy cutter at 2nd, threw to Trolley at short and on to Dutch at 1st. The Gothams only mustered enough energy for one more ace in the 7th on one-base hits from Coach and Trolley. The Atlantics put the nail in the Gothams coffin in the 9th with 5 more aces to bring the final tally to 16-9 in favor of the Atlantics. It should be noted that Scratch caught many a foul tick behind the plate, which prevented the Atlantics from tallying several more aces.

On the whole, the Gothams played well, but were bettered by the Atlantics whom displayed the game played on a higher level this fine day. Until next time…Huzzah!!

Individual Stats - Game 2:

Flytrap - 2-5, 2 Aces, 2 SB

Scratch - 2-5, 1 2B, 1 SB

Coach - 3-5, 2 Aces, 3 SB

Trolley - 4-5, 1 Ace, 2 SB

Slider - 2-5, 1 2B, 1 Ace, 2 SB

Rugs - 0-1, 2 BB, 2 Aces, 1 SB

Welsh - 2-5, 1 2B

Dutch - 1-4

Hanky - 0-3

Jess - 0-2, 1 BB, 1 Ace

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