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July 19, 2003

Game 1 - Akron Black Stockings 23 - Gothams 11


For the second week in a row the Gothams had perfect baseball weather and for the second week in a row played in front of a large crowd- and ofr the second week in a row the Hometown heroes were out of the game by the 3rd inning. But what a day!!

playing in Central Park in front of a crowd as large as 1200 at one point, the Gothams took on rivals from the midwest. The Akron Blackstockings travelled from Ohio for a weekend of New York base ball- playing three games Saturday and two more on Sunday and thiugh tired , stiff and a little hung over, managed to top the G's by a score of 23-11. three words for us:

eight-run-third. Other than that , we played well- and that inning we can't even really balme on poor play. Just good hitting on Akron's part.We were shut out twice in the middle innings going 1-2-3 in the 6th and 7th. Good defense by Spike and for the second week in a row we pulleed off an unassisted double play at 3rd. This time though Spike, playing behind ran down a runner at third when he left his bag because a teammate tried to steal the already occupied bag. After tagging the runner on third, he tagged the offending base stealer trying to get back to second. Nice work Spike!

Similarly, Homer tried to steal third- already occupied by Walker. Luckily He managed to scramble back to the bag when in ht erundown, the Blackstocking short scout dropped the ball. During the rundown, Walker stole home. (That by the way is his second steal of home in two seasons and the Gothams third steal of home this season!) Stacks was called out stealing

third- but it was pretty clear he was under the tag. GAne FAce ccollided weoth the Akron catcher at home and was called out. I didn't see the play as I was going to first, but I'm told it was bang-bang. Good hustle Game Face!

A very fun day indeed. I received a note from the Parks dept. Special Events coordinator today. He said the commissioner was impressed with the show we put on and wants him to work with us to get more games in the park. A new home field next year?

We also got an invitation to be on a television show. I don't have any details yet- but I'll keep everyone in the loop. NPR interviewed several of us including Our score keeper Crystal- who by the way - doesn't get enough credit for her hard work with the book. Thanks, Crystal!! Also the Central Park Conservancy is doing a documentary on the park and some of us were interviewed forthat as well. Met an artist who is doing some research on baseball and may be interested in doing a logo or basebal cards for us (Unless Jen wants to get on the ball, Spike).

Anyway- It was great day and thanks to you all for being there and putting on a good performance for the crowd.

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