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July 14, 2012

Game 1 - Gothams 14 - Flemington Neshanock 8 

Game 2 - Gothams 17 - Flemington Neshanock 4 

Governors Island July 14, 2012


The waters to Governors Island were treacherous this day. Although the lineup was set and teams were ready to take the field, 5 Gotham players arrived just at the start of the game and the batting order was changed adding Scratch, Crash and Sleepy to the bottom. Collector replaces Keystone who becomes rostered to the visiting Neshanock team for the game with Brooklyn promising him beer and oysters.


Flemington tallied two aces in the first frame on short fly balls, the first falling in over wickets near third and the other falling in over Monk at first and driven in by solid strikes from the following batters. Gotham answered with 2 aces of their own tallied by the speedy pair of Oates and Collector. But it soon became apparent that the Neshanock players were more ready to play than New York adding 3 aces in the 3rd. Still Gotham was fortunate to limit the damage as Monk ranged far to his right side to stop a ball and threw to the Sleepy who alertly covered the base. Sleepy then added a Gotham ace with a well struck ball past right field.


Neshanock again pressing the Gothams in the 5th lost a runner to a sharp play by Scratch. Although he missed the foul tip bound by the striker catching it on two bounds, he fired a strike to Monk who tagged the runner attempting to get back to first base. Once more the Neshanock were sent to the field with only a single ace tallied.


After two more aces from their rivals, Gotham began to strike hard. Smoke, Pops and the newly anointed Spider followed by Muffin Chris tied the game at 7 aces. It was then that the Gotham pitching and defense began to take control of the game. Gotham added 7 aces in the last three frames on steady hitting. Final score, Gotham BBC 14, Neshanock 8.



Oates ss, 1-2 2bb, 2a, 1o

Collector lf, 2-4, 2b, 2sb, 2a, 2o

Monk 1b, 1-4, 2sb, 1a, 3o

Wickets 3b, 1-4, sb, 3o

Bugs p, 2-4, 3sb, 1a, 2o

Smoke cf, 2-3, 1sb, 1a, 1o

Hanky 2b, 0-3, 3o

Pops c, 2-3, sb, 1a, 1o

Spider rf, 1-3, 2b, 1a, 2o

Scratch c, 0-2, bb, sb, 1a, 2o

Muffin (Chris) rf, 2-3, 3b, 2sb, 2a, 1o

Crash cf, 0-3, 3o

Sleepy 2b, 3-3, 4b, 3b, 2a


Notable players, Offense Sleepy, Defense Monk.


After a short rest for some drink and fare the teams once more took the field. But the game was quite different than the previous match. Although the temperature had cooled it was clear that the Neshanock offense had lost a step but New York had not. Gotham tallied 6 aces by the third frame with defensive plays provided by Collector with a fine catch in left and Scratch with his second runner caught attempting to steal second.


Collector continued to display his speed tracking down a bounded ball in deep left center field moving away. Nearly all the Gotham team tallied aces lead by Oates' torrid strikes. Oates lead the Gotham offense with a 4 base, a three base, a two base and a single base hit in the game and also added 3 aces. Final score Gotham BBC 17, Neshanock 4.



Oates ss, 4-4, 4b, 3b, 2b, 2sb, 3a

Collector lf, 2-4, 2b, 2sb, 1a, 2o

Monk 1b, 2-4, 2sb, 2a, 2o

Scratch c, 2-4, 2b, sb, 1a, 2o

Wickets p, 2-4, sb, 2o

Keystone cf, 3-5, 3sb, 2a, 2o

Sleepy, 1-4, sb, 3o

Pops 3b, 0-3,3o

Smoke cf, 2-3, 3b, 2sb, 2a, 1o

Presidente rf, 2-3, 2sb, 1a, 1o

Scone 2b, 2-4, 2sb, 1a, 2o

Spider 3b, 3-4, 2b, 2sb, 1a, 1o

Hanky 2b, 0-4, 4o

Crash 2b, 2-3, 2b, 2a, 1o


Notable Players, Offense Oates, Defense Collector.

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