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July 12, 2003

Game 1 - Roxbury Nine 17 - Gothams 6


Gothams lose to Roxbury 9

On a perfect saturday afternoon under blue skies and on an gleaming emerald green field in front of a crowd of several hundred, Gotham fell to rival Roxbury by a score of 17-6.

A well played game actually with relatively few errors- but itham couldn't put it together offensively scratching ut only 1 hit and one base on balls in the first three innings and being Chicagoed in three of the first four. by then it was too late as Roxbury plated 14 aces by the end of the 4th (inclluding the usual 7 run third). We managed to lay 3 goose eggs on them in the last four innings, but could only score 5 ourselves in the final five innings.  Really good defense kept the game closer than it actually looked. Booth with a nice snag of a low liner at third in the 4th and an unassisted double play at third in the 7th. Game Face made a killer leaping stab of a hot high liner at short in the 6th and great defense in center and left all day by Walker and our newest Gotham- "Kid" Corby! (Welcome ot the game Kid!)  Bones , Booth and Spike executed a textbook 1-5-2 run down between third and home that saved a run late in the game. Also excellent all around offense and defense at 2nd base by Hector "Hometown" Bergos- a Lyndhurst volunteer who helped to fill out our roster at the last second.  Again, all in all, a good game- just took us too long to get rolling offensively.


Bones- 3 for 5 (31b), 1 ace, 4 sb;

Game Face- 1 for 5, 1sb;

Kid- 1 for 5, 2sb;

Spike-2 for 5 (2b,1b) 2 aces, 3 sb;

Wilkes Booth-1 for 3 (1b, bb) 1 ace, 2sb;

Walker- 2 for 4 (1b,2b), 1sb;

Homer 1 for 4 (2b);

Candles- 1 for 4 (1b, bb);

Hometown-3 for 5 (2 1b, 2b) 2 aces, 3 sb.

Offensive star: Bones- 3 hts 4sb one ace defensive star: shared by all for the seond game on a row.

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