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June 9, 2003

Game 1 - Elizabeth Resolutes 20 - Gothams 18

Game 2 - Elizabeth Resolutes 25 - Gothams 9

Gothams drop two

In overcast gray New Jersey skies, on a damp field and in moist weather, the Gotham BBC lost both ends of a double header vs. the Elizabeth Resolutes. Lacking a full squad, the Gothams, bolstered by a player named "Low -Ball" from the Flemington club made the first one close and gave away the second one early. Details:

Game One: Resolutes 20- Gothams 18

Though Gotham tallied in every inning but the 5th, the broken record strains of our heroes number one hit "One Bad Inning" hit the top of the charts once more. Allowing 9 aces to cross in the first inning, Gotham allowed 2 runs total in the next 6 innings before some excellent hitting on the enemies part plated 7 in the 8th. Inning one saw many errors on our part. Inning 8 saw none- just perfectly placed shots that frustrated our fielders. We nearly tied it with 10 runs in the last two innings- but alas, came up short in the end.

While Booth and Spike managed a pick off of a runner on first midway through the game, our ninth inning rally was cut short with a retaliatory play from their behind and first baseman, picking off stacks at first for the first out of the inning. An earlier rally was squelched when Trolley was nailed by a perfect throw- while attempting to steal third. Other notable moments- Triple by Spike, two doubles by an ailing Buster and Booth stealing 8 bases, Jitters stealing 7.

Stats - Game 1:

Buster- 4 for 6 (1b, 2 2b), 3aces, 1sb;

Trolley- 3 for 6 (3 1b) 2aces, 3sb;

Stacks- 2 for 4 (2 1b, 2 bb), 1ace, 1sb;

Spike- 3 for 6 (2 1b, 3b), 3aces, 4sb;

Jitters-5 for 6 ( 4 1b, 2b) 1ace, 7sb;

Bones-2 for 6 (2 1b), 2 sb;

Game Face- 2 for 6( 2 1b), 1 ace, 2sb;

Wilkes Booth- 3 for 4 (3 1b, 1bb), 3aces, 8 sb;

Low Ball- 2 for 3 (2 1b, 2bb, 3 aces, 4 sb

Game Two: Resolutes 25 Gothams 9

Not much good to say here other than we finished in six innings. Despite scoring in 4 of six, Gotham fielded poorly the entire game, allowing 4 aces plus in every inning. We simply fell apart. Highlights: Low Ball throwing out a runner stealing second. Booth stealing home cleanly on a toss back to the pitchers box. A fine defensive play on a long single that saw Bones field from right center and throw the ball toward home. A perfect cut off by Spike and toss to first where Trolley applied the tag to the runner who thought about taking second on the throw, but was too far away and didn't hustle enough getting back to first. Low Lights: Bones falling in the mud attempting to steal second (At east he got back in time!) and Buster getting caught off second by the hidden ball trick in the 6th (Which we will excuse as he could hardly see straight through his red eyes and sneezing.) Interesting play of the game: Spike, in what I can only assume was an att empt at intimidating our opponents, carried his bat all the way to first base with him on alate game single.

Stats - Game 2:

Buster- 2 for 4 (2 1b) 1ace, 1sb;

Trolley- 1 for 4 (1b), 1ace, 2sb;

Stacks- 2 for 4 (2 1b), 1sb;

Spike- 2 for 4 (21b), 1ace, 2sb;

Jitters- 1 for 4 (1b);

Bones- 1 for 3 (1b) 1sb;

Game Face-1 for 3 (1b), 1ace;

Wilkes Booth- 2 for 3 (2 1b) 2aces, 2sb;

Low Ball- 3 for 3 (3 1b) 3 aces, 4sb

Defensive star: Gotta say Low Ball- who handled behind extremely well- catching at least 10 foul pop ups.

Offensive stars: Low Ball- on the day, 5 for 6, 2 bb 6 aces, 8sb and Booth on base 6 of 8 at bats, 5 aces, 10 sb (including home)

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