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June 7 & 8, 2008

Game 1 - Talbot Fair Play 16 - Gothams 1

Game 2 - Greensboro Patriots 4 - Gothams 2

Game 3 - Gothams 12 - Potomac Base Ball Club 9

6/8/2008 - Washington, DC - Base ball clubs from both the North and the South converged on the Nation's capital to continue the battle of the Civil War, but with bats and balls rather than rifles on this hot and steamy battle ground. The Gothams were victorious but once in three challenges during the battle, but their brethren from the North won enough victories to bring the battle to a draw, leaving neither side ultimately victorious. Many of the players and teams were defeated by the unbearably hot weather and not by their opponents, but the battles went on in spite of the dropping ballists and survival was the biggest accomplishment.Game 1 (6/7/2008) vs. Talbot Fair Play - 1864 Rules:

The Gothams began wilting in the fierce heat before the battle had even begun. Not a single Gotham managed to even reach first base in any of the first 3 innings, but the Talbot club, having already adapted to the treacherous heat being from the South, managed to keep cool and calm whilst expounding a beating on the dehydrated Gothams. They tallied 3 aces in the 1st, 4 more in the 2nd and 1 more in the 3rd to build an 8-0 lead, which was more than needed to stifle the Gothams on this day.

Wombat, the Gotham catcher wilted altogether in the 3rd inning and had to be dragged off the field before the match could continue. The Gothams only spark of the day came in the 4th inning when Wickets reached first safely for the first Gotham hit. He promptly reached 2nd by stealing his way there and tallied his ace when Ringer blasted a 2-base hit for the 2nd and last base hit of the game for the weary Gothams. The Gothams were held from reaching base the rest of the match as Talbot continued to play a fine game of both field work and excellent striking with the bats to mightily overcome the Gothams by a final tally of 16-1. Notch one match for the South.

Individual Stats - Game 1:

Flytrap - 0-3

Wickets - 1-3, 1 Ace, 1 SB

Ringer - 1-3, 1 2B

Trolley - 0-3

Weed - 0-3

Irv (Compass) - 0-3

Wombat - 0-1

Frosty - 0-3

Bobby - 0-2

Game 2 (6/7/2008) vs. Greensboro Patriots - 1860 Rules:

In the middle of the mid-day sun the Greensboro Patriots and New York Gothams found their way to an open field to march to their second battle with the opposition. It felt like the clubs were actually playing on the sun it was so hot. Neither club could muster up much ginger on the field as each team went down meekly in the first 2 frames. The Greensboro club came to in the bottom of the 3rd to will their way to 2 aces and a 2-0 lead after 3 innings were complete.

Flytrap led off the 4th frame with a monstrous 3-base hit to wake the wilting Gothams from their heat induced slumber. Wickets followed with the first 2-base hit of his Gotham career to allow Flytrap to tally the Gothams first ace. Wickets was able to tally his ace when Ringer flew out to deep right field and tie the game up at 2. Trolley Chicagoed the Patriots in the 4th, but faltered in the 5th inning, which was to become the final inning due to fear of heat exhaustion for all the ballists and fans. Trolley could no longer pitch the ball over the plate with any accuracy or even hard enough to reach the plate and ended the game for the Gothams by allowing the 3rd Patriots ace to tally on a base on balls. The Patriots managed one more ace before the match reached it's conclusion with a 4-2 Gotham defeat with only a few ballists still able to stand, but the better club won on this day, and that club was not the Gothams.

Individual Stats - Game 2:

Flytrap - 1-4, 1 3B, 1 Ace

Wickets - 3-3, 1 2B, 1 Ace

Ringer - 0-2

Trolley - 0-2

Weed - 1-2

Compass - 0-1

Wombat - 1-2

Frosty - 0-2

Marty 1-2

Game 3 (6/8/2008) vs. Potomac - 1864 Rules:

Only 6 Gothams remained standing for the 2nd day of this glorious battle with the South as 1 Gotham was sent home to care for his children, whilst another was apparently caught with a damsel in distress and was unable to make it to the field in time for the match. The Potomac club was also in dire straights arriving with only 7 ballists themselves, but these two tough clubs would persevere and play an excellent game. Flytrap began the match in fine fashion by stroking a 2-base hit, which in combination with several acts of thievery and one-base hits from Wickets, Trolley and Compass led the Gothams to tally thrice and have their first lead of the tournament. Potomac battled back with 2 aces in each of the 1st and 2nd frames to grab the lead, but the Gothams kept on coming back. Flytrap began the next Gotham attack with a one-base hit and 2 more stolen bases before Ringer brought him home and perform the same thieving ritual before tallying an ace himself on Trolley's safely struck one-base hit to give the Gothams a 5-4 lead at the end of 3.

As has been a pattern in this match Flytrap again reached 1st safety and swiped 2 more bases and tallied an ace on Wickets one-base hit in the 4th. After Trolley Chicagoed Potomac for the 2nd consecutive inning, revolving ballist Hobbs singled and promptly swiped 2 bases before the theft king himself, Mr. Flytrap drove him home with a one-base hit, swiped another base and tallied an ace on Wickets safely struck ball. Wickets copied Flytrap's antics with 2 swipes and ace as well to give the Gothams a 9-4 lead.

Potomac tallied one ace in the 5th and 4 more in the 7th to tie the match at 9 all before the Gothams took control in the 8th. Trolley was the instigator with a one-base hit and a theft of 2nd, he was able to tally an ace on a hit by Compass before Hobbs again reached on a one-base hit and swiped 2nd. Hobbs was able to tally his ace on Flytrap's 6th hit of the match and to top that off Flytrap swiped his 7th and 8th bases of the game to tie the Gotham one game stolen base record held by the fleet footed Shoeless. Wickets on-base hit allowed Flytrap to tally his 5th and the Gothams 12th ace of the game. Trolley then Chicagoed the Potomac club the remainder of the game to close out this battle against the South with a 12-9 victory in helping the North to hold off the South in the long run.

Flytrap was clearly the ballist of the day in having one of the best games in club history and that was without even mentioning his fine field work in center field. He and Ringer in left field was the main reason the Potomac club was held to just 9 aces in a game they hit the ball very well. Compass also played very well in his debut at shortstop. Overall it was a very fine team effort for this Gotham club in fortifying this victory. Until next time…Huzzah!!!

Individual stats - Game 3:

Flytrap - 6-7, 1 2B, 5 Aces, 8 SB

Wickets - 4-7, 2 Aces, 5 SB

Ringer - 2-7, 1 Ace, 4 SB

Trolley - 5-7, 2 Aces, 4 SB, 1 Win

Wombat - 1-6, 2 SB

Compass - 2-6

Hobbs - 2-2, 2 Aces, 3 SB

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