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June 5, 2005

Game 1 - Elizabeth Resolutes 19 - Gothams 18

Game 1 - 1870 Rules:

On a hot Summer day in Highland Park, New Jersey, as the clock turned back to 1870, the Mighty Gothams wilted out in the end and fell to the fine ball club from Elizabeth - the Resolutes in a 10 inning affair. It was a well-played game from beginning to end, but the Resolutes ended up victorious by the final tally of 19-18 in one extra frame. The Gothams should still hold their heads up high, as they were beaten by a team that simply played better on this afternoon to give the Gothams their first loss in over a month.

The Mighty Gothams started off quite well as Slider smashed the ball into the outfield and made it to 2nd base safely. Slider had the Resolutes so concerned with his lightning fast speed that they threw the ball repeatedly to 2nd to stop him from advancing, but to no avail as one of the throws was errant allowing Slider to tally the first ace of the game. Mixer followed with a single of his own, then promptly stole 2nd and 3rd, and for once, listened to his coach and did not attempt to steal home, but eventually was able to tally an ace on Trolley's fly ball to Center field to give the Gothams a 2-0 lead. The Resolutes marched right back with 2 aces of their own in the bottom of the inning, but a bigger rally was thwarted by 3 foul tip out to Trolley in his one inning of duty as Stacks battery mate. The Gothams went much quieter in the 2nd inning as Stacks single was sandwiched in between walks to Homer, Slider (The Gothams all time walks leader), and Mixer to tally their lone ace of the inning. The Resolutes, however, were Chicagoed in the bottom of the frame in a 1-2-3 fashion. The Mighty Gothams did not take advantage the next inning as the Resolutes Chicagoed them as well before tallying 2 times themselves to take an 4-3 lead after 3 frames. It could have been more, but Scratch made a sliding catch in left field to prevent additional aces.

The Mighty Gothams got back into form in the 4th inning exploding for 7 aces as Rugs, Geoff, Slider, Mixer, Scratch, Spike, Shoeless, Homer, and Stacks all singled safely with a flurry of stolen bases to put the Gothams up 10-4. The Resolutes tallied 4 times in the bottom of the inning to make the score to 12-8. Geoff, Slider, Mixer, and Scratch combined singles and stolen bases to tally 2 more times and give the Mighty Gothams a 12-8 lead. The bottom of the 5th began bleakly as the first batter reached third when Trolley mistakenly thought Shoeless was 15 feet tall and missed his hand by 10 feet with his throw from 3rd. Luckily enough the next Resolute was kind enough to line the ball right to Trolley for an easy double play. Then the Resolute shortstop smoked another hard line drive to Trolley for the 3rd out. The Gothams were Chicagoed again in the 6th and the Resolutes made things much closer in the bottom of the inning by tallying 3 times, but thanks to a smart play by Spike behind the plate the inning ended on a double play. The Resolutes 2nd baseman struck out with the bases loaded and Spike intentionally dropped the ball then picked it up stepped on the plate for the first out and threw to Shoeless at 1st to tag the runner on first for the second out. So the score remained 12-11 in favor of the Gothams after 6 innings.

Poor base running by the Gothams in the 7th thwarted a rally as the Gothams were Chicagoed again even though they had 3 hits. Rugs was forced out at 3rd on what could have been a single by Slider, but the uncaught popup was too hard to read and the Resolutes made the right play by throwing over to 3rd for the out. After a little bit of kicking to determine the proper lead off striker, the Resolutes tallied 3 times in the bottom of the inning to take a 15-12 lead over the Mighty Gothams. Stacks, however, made a fine play in the inning to take at least one ace away from the Resolutes. Scratch, Spike, Homer, and Stacks all singled to tally 2 more aces and get the Gothams within 1 to start the bottom of the eight. The Resolutes added 1 more ace to leave the score at 16-14 Resolutes after 8 innings, but they were no longer playing the Gothams of old. The 2005 version came back with a roar as Rugs got the comeback going with a double to right center field. Slider, Mixer, and Scratch all followed with singles to give the Gothams the lead back at 17-16. Scratch then made the base running blunder of the game by taking off for 3rd. What he did not realize though was that the Resolutes crafty pitcher Bobby had not yet released the ball and Scratch was a dead duck at 3rd base for the 2nd out and Trolley promptly fouled out to the catcher to end the Frame.

The Gothams just need 3 outs to go 3 games over .500 for the first time in team history. Things didn't start to well as Trolley threw poorly to first to allow the first runner on base. Stacks then induced 2 outs around another single to leave runners at 1st and 3rd with one out to go. The next striker hit a hard ground ball to Trolley at 3rd, who quickly threw to Shoeless at 1st. If only Shoeless were 4 inches taller, because the throw took shoeless off the bag just long enough to allow the striker to reach safely and the runner on 3rd to tally the tying ace. The Gothams did stop the bleeding here to put the game into extra innings. Spike, Homer and Chadwick all singled to Give the Gothams another 1 run lead going into the bottom of the 10th. The Resolutes quickly combined 4 hits, topped off by a mighty blast by their center fielder Mike Flanagan to end the game and the Gothams winning streak by the final tally of 19-18.

Overall, it was a great game played by both teams and the many cranks in attendance were appreciative of this fine display of ball playing. Huzzah to all!!

Individual Stats:

Slider - 4-5, 1 2B, 1 BB, 4 Aces, 1 SB

Mixer - 4-5, 1 BB, 3 Aces, 4 SB

Scratch - 4-7, 2 Aces, 3 SB

Trolley - 0-6

Spike - 5-6, 3 Aces, 4 SB

Shoeless - 2-6, 1 Ace, 1 SB

Homer - 4-5, 1 BB, 1 Ace, 1 SB

Stacks - 4-6, 1 SB

Ben - 0-1

Chadwick - 1-6, 1 SB

Rugs - 3-5, 1 2B, 2 Aces

Geoff - 3-4, 2 Aces, 1 SB

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