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June 5, 2004

Game 1 - Elizabeth Resolutes 21 - Gothams 3

Game 2 - Elizabeth Resolutes 21 - Gothams 2


Once again it was tough going with our patchwork lineup as we dropped 2 to the Elizabeth Resolutes. Thanks to Al "The Spaniard" from Flemington, Steve & Dan from the Resolutes and a new player "Slider" we had enough players to play the game.

Game 1 was played under 1873 rules and ended up in a painful 21-3 Resolute victory. The Gothams were Chicagoed for the first 6 innings, before Spike generated a run on his own by singling, stealing 2nd and 3rd and scoring on a wild pitch. Our only other runs came when Shoeless, Trolley, Candles, and Slider strung together a few hits to tally two more aces. Not too much to speak of from a defensive perspective other than Digits and candles each throwing a runner out at the plate in the 2nd inning. Trolley also caught 1 runner stealing in the first.

Individual stats:

Shoeless: 4-5 1 2B

Digits: 1-5

Trolley: 3-5 1 SB, 1 Ace

The Spaniard: 0-4, 1 ace

Candles; 1-4

Slider: 1-4

Spike: 2-4, 2 SB, 1 Ace

Stacks: 0-5

Dan 1-4

Game 2 was played by 1864 rules. Not much better as we lost 21-2. Unfortunately, I can't think of any highlights other than Slider generatiung a run with his speed in the 5th inning as we were Chicagoed for the first 4 innings and the last 3.

Individual stats:

Shoeless: 1-4, 1 Ace

Digits: 0-4

Trolley; 0-4

The Spaniard: 3-4

Candles: 2-5

Slider: 2-5, 1 SB, 1 Ace

Spike: 3-4, 2 SB

Stacks: 0-4

Steve: 0-3

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