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June 29, 2003

Game 1 - Flemington Neshanock 22 - Gothams 21


Gotham Cursed!

I'm beginning to believe that soemone hs put a hex on the Gtham s. -Though it may be too much of the Harry Potter that I'm reading.  Gotham played what many think is the best game they've ever played- but lost in extra innings.  Generally sound play in the field and scoring in every inning but the 9th- the Gothms led or were tied for all but the final inning- when Flemington scored 2 in the bottom of the 10th. 

Highlights: Pitching for the Gothams as the team could only muster 9 players , Stacks struck out two in the game. Unfortunaltey this was off set by two balks (chalk them up to inexperience in the box as it was his first game pitching- well done otherwise , Stacks!)- which allowed two runs- and Flemingtons home field "Non-balk"call which would have scored a run we needed to win in regulation.  Walkerand Booth, caught stealing for the first time making the last out at third in the first and fifth innings respectively was a low point- but fine hitting by Walker, Booth and Rube- all with multiplle extra base hits and exceptional hitting and base running by Buster and Rugs, helped to keep the game close. In the end though it was another big inning- this time allowing 8 runs in the 7th inning that allowed the Neshanock back into the game.

Final score- 22-21 in ten innings. Gotham takes a tough loss.


Buster-7 for 7 (6 1b, 2b) 5 aces, 8 sb;

Rube-5 for 7( 3 1b, 2 2b),1ace, 2sb;

Stacks-4 for 7 (4 1b, k) 2 aces, 1 sb;

Spike- 4 for 6 (4 1b), 3 aces, 3sb;

Wilkes Booth- 4 for 6 (2 1b, 2 2b) 2 aces, 2sb, 1 cs;

Walker- 5 for 6 (2 1b, 2 2b, 3b, bb) 3 aces, 4 sb, 1cs;

Homer- 3 for 8 ( 2 1b, 2b), 1 ace, 2 sb;

Rugs-2 for 6 (2 1b, bb) 2 aces ( one on a wp), 4 sb;

Candles- 2 for 7 (2 1b), 2 aces, 1sb

Offensive star: Buster did everything he could to help Gotham win with a perfect day at the plate (7 for 7, 5 runs, 8 stolen bases).

Defensive star- none. In general the team played very well in the field.

everyone deserves credit.

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