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June 18, 2005

Game 1 - Gothams 10 - Flemington Neshanock 2

Game 2 - Flemington Neshanock 15 - Gothams 10

Game 1 - 1864 Rules:

Central Park - On a sweltering June day in New York City, the Mighty Gothams finally got to play their first home games of the season. Once again the matches were played against our rivals from Flemington, the Neshanock. In the first game, played by 1864 rules, the Gothams played a splendiferous game in beating the hapless Neshanock by a tally of 10-2 to extend the Gothams winning streak against their rivals to 5 games and put the Gothams 3 games over .500 for the first time in team history. The Neshanock's Captain Brooklyn has been saying "We're going to beat youse guys good!" for some time now and in the second game (played by 1873 rules) they did just that by the final tally of 15-10. The Neshanock are hapless no more!

The first game started well for the Gothams as the Neshanock were Chicagoed in the first, while the Gothams tallied 2 aces on 1-base hits and stolen bases by Coach, Spike, Shoeless, and Digits. More aces could have been had, but Shoeless was to intimidated by a meager bat in his way to slide into home for a 3rd ace, and was tagged out for the 3rd out instead. The Neshanock came back with an ace of their own in the 2nd to make the game close, but that was the last time they did. Singles and steals by Digits and Trolley, followed by a mighty blast of a 2-bagger by Homer tallied 3 more aces in the 2nd for an insurmountable 5-1 lead. After the Neshanock were Chicagoed again (thanks to some fine fielding by Stacks on the mound and Sparky behind the plate), a Sparky 2 bagger and a Shoeless single increased the lead to 6-1.

Stacks pitched a fine game the rest of the way holding the Neshanock to only 1 more ace the rest of the way on a home run by Low Ball that probably should have been caught by Trolley in center field and then had the fortune to hit the lip of the grass and scoot all the way to 5th Avenue. Overall Stacks Chicagoed the Neshanock in 7 of the 9 frames. Many believe that Stacks feared for his job after Spike held these same Neshanock to only 1 ace the week before, while Stacks was winning games in spite of allowing 17 aces per game. Stacks was aided by sparkling defense all game long from first-time catcher Sparky and sure hands all around the rest of the playing field.

The Gothams added some insurance in the 6th with 2 aces on hits from Digits, Trolley, Homer, and Stacks and 2 more in the 8th on hits from Spike, Shoeless, Digits, and Homer. The game then ended in spectacular fashion when Walker make a sliding catch on a one-bounder in left field to close out the game.

Game 1 Stats:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 - Tot

Neshanock 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 - 2

Gothams 2 3 1 0 0 2 0 2 x - 10

Coach - 1-4, 2 SB, 1 Ace

Walker - 1-4, 1 SB

Spike - 2-4, 2 SB, 2 Aces

Sparky - 1-4, 1 2B, 1 Ace

Shoeless - 3-4, 2 SB, 1 Aces

Digits - 4-5, 3 SB, 2 Aces

Trolley - 2-4, 2 SB, 2 Aces

Homer - 3-4, 1 2B, 2 SB, 1 Ace

Stacks - 1-5

Candles - 1-4, 1 SB

Game 2 - 1873 Rules:

It looked like the Gothams winning ways would continue in the 2nd game as well. Spike was able to get out of a bases-loaded jam in the top of the first by inducing a grounder to Digits at 3rd, who through to Sparky at home for the final out. Coach led off the Gothams half of the inning with a single, but was gunned down stealing at 2nd base. Walker then took things into his own feet, by walking, stealing 2nd and 3rd and scoring on the Neshanock catchers erroneous toss to give the Gothams a 1-0 lead. The Neshanock came right back in the next frame to tie the score in spite of Digits snaring at least one hit from the Neshanock by caching a scorching one-bounder at 3rd and throwing to Shoeless at 1st.

The Mighty Gotham bats came to life in the 2nd inning. Consecutive singles by Digits, Trolley, and Spike set the table for a bases clearing 2-bagger by Homer, who has seemed to have found his power stroke as of late. Then Stacks and Homer cleared the bases again, but this time it was on a foul out double play. The Gothams weren't fazed though, Candles singled, Coach doubled, Walker reached on an error and Sparky singled to give the Mighty Gothams a 7-1 lead, which had been enough to win as of late. Then all hell broke loose, you guessed it, the dreaded Gotham inning appeared in the 3rd and 4th innings. The Neshanock took advantage of a bunch of Gotham miscues, from Homer circling all around a popup only to watch it drop to watching balls go through, in-between and around Digits in every way one could imagine. To the Neshanock's credit they followed every Gotham goof with a timely hit, none more damaging than the hard hit single from Danny, the youngest Neshanock of them all. While this mess was going on, the Neshanock's wiley hurler and Captain, Brooklyn, was Chicagoing the Gothams in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th innings to give the Neshanock a 10-7 lead.

Just when it appeared the Gothams were back on track, with Spike tossing a 1-2-3 5th inning, the Gotham inning struck again! The Neshanock took advantage of the holes in the Gotham's hands to tally an additional 5 aces for a 15-7 lead! The Gothams made 1 more comeback attempt in the 6th by tallying 3 times on singles by Spike, Homer, and Candles sandwiched around a walk to Stacks to get the Gothams within 15-10. It looked like the Gotham inning would strike again in the 7th, when Coach dropped a popup at short, but proclaimed that he would atone for his foible by turning a double play. Sure enough, Coach was true to his word, as the next pitch resulted in a grounder to Coach at short that resulted in a Coach to Homer to Shoeless double play! Sounds like something someone should write a poem about someday!

Unfortunately for the Gothams, even though Spike Chicagoed the Neshanock over the final 3 frames, Brooklyn was just as good and Chicagoed the Gothams for the final 3 frames as well! Overall, both teams survived the sweltering summer heat of New York City to win a game a piece. Until next week…Huzzah!!

Game 2 Stats:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 - Tot

Neshanock 0 1 4 5 0 5 0 0 0 - 15

Gothams 1 6 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 - 10

Coach - 3-5, 1 2B, 1 SB, 1 Ace

Walker - 0-3, 1 BB, 3 SB, 2 Aces

Sparky - 1-4, 1 SB

Shoeless - 1-4

Digits - 1-4, 1 Ace

Trolley - 1-4, 1 Ace

Spike - 2-4, 2 Aces

Homer - 2-4, 1 2B, 1 Ace

Stacks - 2-3, 1 BB, 1 SB, 1 Ace

Candles - 2-4, 1 Ace

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