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June 18, 2011

Game 1 - Newtown Sandy Hooks 7 - Gothams 6 

Game 2 - Gothams 7 - Newtown Sandy Hooks 6 

Old Bethpage Long Island, New York, the mighty Newton Sandy Hooks traveled from Fairfield for the first contest of the year between the two rivals. Sun rising and humidity high, the two teams took the field. Gotham BBC displayed a somewhat new lineup for the 2011 season with Shoeless making his debut  at 1b, Monk shifting to lf  and an injured Weed playing 2b but unable to swing the bat.

In the expected fashion of both teams defensive play was to dominate the day. Monk due to Collector not being available to play took up left field and filled the role of the speedy left fielder admirably by making several plays to the frustration of the Newton team. Although both teams were challenged to earn runs by the fifth frame Newton was ahead 5 aces to 2 for Gotham.

Just when Newton thought the Gotham offence was held in check, the hits began to come for the New York hosts in the bottom of the 9th frame. Ranger playing a solid short field for Gotham singled to left center. Monk followed with another 1b hit. Bugs then singled and Ranger tallied an ace. A 3b hit by Scratch and Bugs scored as well. With generous support from Barkeep the Gothams threatened to tie the game but in the end it was Newton getting the last hand and holding Gotham to give them only their second loss of the season. Final score Newton 7 and Gotham BBC 6.

Ranger, ss 3-6, 3-o, 2-a, 1-sb

Monk, lf  3-6, 3-o, 1-sb

Bugs, P            1-5, 4-o, 1-a

Scratch, c 3-5, 2-o, 2-a, 1-sb

Flintstone, 3b  3-5, 3-o, 2b,

Shoeless, 1b  1-5, 4-o

Newton 1, 1-4, 1-a

Newton 2, cf  3-5, 2-o, 1-sb


With the sky in the west becoming more threatening the second match began. Ranger started off with a 1b hit but the rest of the Gothams once more unable to tally an ace. Newton scored two runs in the 2nd frame and Gotham countered with two more aces scored by Monk and Lefty. Newton played solid defense in the 3rd frame and put down the Gothams in order but scoring two more of their own.

Gotham tied the game in the 4th frame with aces from Ranger scoring on a 1b hit from scratch. Scratch scored on a single from Flintstone. While the Gotham bats once more fell silent for 3 frames the Sandy Hook team managed to score two more aces to lead Gotham 6-4 in the top half of the 8th frame. But Gotham scored another ace to make it a one run contest. With a solid defensive frame in the 9th Gotham had 3 hands remaining. Bugs singled for only the second time of the day giving the Gotham team some hope. Flintstone followed with a 1b hit as well barely out of reach of the 2b of Newton and made it to 1b in time. Bugs also was able to reach 2nd base and avoid being forced out. Lefty came to bat and hit a bounded ball to right center which although fielded on a single bound was not thrown in with haste and Bugs tallied an ace to tie the match with Flintstone reaching 3b. 2 hands down and Monk as the striker to the line, Monk hits a bounded ball to the left side of the field, picked up after several bounds the throw forced the 1b fielder in order to catch the ball to come off the base itself and Monk slid into the base. Flintstone crossed 4b only a bit ahead of Monk and Gotham completes a stunning resurgence against the Sandy Hook team. Final Score Gotham 7 and Sandy Hooks 6.


Ranger, ss 3-7,  1-a, 4-o

Monk, lf  2-7, 1-a, 5-o

Scratch, C 3-6, 1-a, 3-o, 3b

Shoeless, 1b 2-6, 4-o

Bugs, P 1-4, 1-a, 4-o, bb

Flintstone, 3b 3-6, 1-a, 3-o

Lefty, cf  3-6, 2-a, 3-o, 2b, sb

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