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June 18, 2005

Game 1 - Gothams 3 - Flemington Neshanock 1

Game 1 - 1864 Rules:

Hoboken, NJ - The Gothams made New York proud by displaying as fine a game of base ball as could be played in defeating the Hapless Flemington Neshanock by a tally of 3-1 on the sight (almost) where Alexander Cartwright had his Knickerbockers play the first game of base ball under more modern rules. As unbelievable as it was, only 4 aces were tallied during the game due to the amazing feats of field work by both clubs.

The day started off gloriously with a parade of both Vintage Ballists and modern day little leaguers through the fine city of Hoboken. The weather was perfect, hundreds of fans were in attendance, and many reporters were on hand to witness this fine event. Some of these reporters even had these devices with windows in front that they tried to convince us would show up on some kind of box with a glass that others can see the game on. I think there must be something in the water over in New Jersey that makes the locals believe in this sill concoction. I know that could never happen!

The game itself started off well. The Neshanock leadoff hitter and catcher Red led off the game with a single, stole second base, but was gunned down by Trolley attempting to steal 3rd base. The next three strikers were put out easily to Chicago the Neshanock in the first. The Gothams were also chicagoed in the first without a single strike reaching base. The Neshanock strung together a few singles in the second inning to tally their lone ace of the game. In fact the Neshanock did not have another base runner until the 8th inning, as Spike pitched 5 consecutive 1-2-3 innings.

After the Gothams were again put down in order in the second inning, they exploded for 2 aces in the 3rd to take a 2-1 lead which would not be relinquished. Geoff led off the inning with a walk, then stole 2nd and reached 3rd on an error. Then the Gothams offensive star of the game Homer singled for the first of his 2 hits to allow Geoff to tally an ace. Homer came around to score on Digits single after stealing a base himself. Digits attempt at thievery, however, was not quite as successful as he was thrown out at 2nd by Red. Although he was originally deemed safe by the umpire, Digits showed his honor by admitting to the umpire that he was indeed out.

Spike's pitching and the Gotham fielding then took over the game. Some of the fielding highlights included a deep fly ball off the hands of Mike "Stick" Flanagan then off a bound to the hands of Scratch for the out. Homer seemed to catch popup after popup throughout the game. Trolley caught a foul tip off the bat of the Neshanock's muffin 3rd baseman Scott "Hollywood" Stanford from UPN 9 News (another looney claiming to display our game on this box with a glass). The Neshanock's captain and pitcher, Brad "Brooklyn" Shaw also displayed a masterful pitching performance by Chicagoing the Gothams in all but 2 innings. The Gothams only mustered a Shoeless walk and a Homer single in the 4th through 6th innings.

The next bit of excitement for the Gothams came in the 7th when after Trolley singled, Brooklyn was so worried about Trolley's fleetness on the base paths that he threw the ball away at first on a pickoff attempt. Trolley then took off with his blazing speed around the bases with the crowd cheering him on to make 3 bases to tally an ace, but unfortunately for Trolley the Neshanock catcher was waiting for him at the plate with the ball to end the Gotham rally. The Gothams did manage to tally their 3rd ace in the 8th inning to increase their lead to 3-1. Stick led off the inning with a double, but was thwarted in his attempt to steal 3rd by a fine throw by Red. Digits then singled with 2 hands down and reached 3rd on an error. Scratch double to tally the final ace of the game. All that was needed was for Spike to Chicago the Neshanock one more time.

Chicago them he did. Hammer led off for the Neshanock with a hard line drive just passed the infield, but Scratch charged in hard to snare the ball before the second hop for the first out off the inning. The final out came 2 batters later on a diving catch of a foul tip by Trolley. What a game! Both teams played amazingly on the field to keep the score to such a low total. Overall, a great display of base ball was presented to the crowd. The people of Hoboken were not disappointed. Huzzah!!

Individual Stats:

Rugs - 0-4

Digits - 2-4, 1 Ace

Scratch - 1-4, 1 2B

Spike - 0-4

Shoeless - 0-2, 1 BB

Trolley - 1-3

Geoff - 0-2, 1 BB, 2 SB, 1 Ace

Homer - 2-3, 1 SB, 1 Ace

Stick - 1-3, 1 2B


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