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June 16, 2012

Game 1 - Gothams 15 - Brooklyn Eckford 6 

Game 2 - Gothams 11 - Knickerbockers 6 

Governors Island, NY - 6/16/2012
Early in the morning on the ferry to the island the Gotham team milled about on deck and discussed the news of the day. The former home of Confederate General Robert E. Lee in Virginia would be designated as a military cemetery. The discussion continued through the warm up period for the Gothams.
Although the Eckford were unable to field a full team for the event as a result of a tragic ferry accident, it was decided that designated Gotham players would round out the line up and the game would be played. In typical Gotham fashion the scoring began slowly. Collector equaled the Eckford tally in the second frame scoring on a stolen base and a 1b strike by Wickets. Gotham followed by three more aces in the third while the Eckford continued to pressure the Gotham defenders with two aces of their own despite an arbiter's questionable call on a well thrown ball from the center fielder Collector.
Second half of the 3rd frame the defender in left field for Eckford was the long time Gotham Crash who allowed a high fly ball to settle into his hands on a single bound. The act was followed by a cry of unmanly by the Crash's Gotham team mates. The later frames were dominated by the offense of Oates, Scratch and Collector while both teams continued to field their positions strongly. Final tally Gotham BBC 15 and Eckford 6.
Keystone LF, 3-5, 2o, 2a, 3sb
Monk 1B, 2-5, 3o, 2a, 2sb
Oates ss, 3-5, 4b, 3a, 4sb
Scratch c, 4-5, 1o, 2b, 3a, 3sb
Collector lf, 4-5, 1o, 2b, 4a, 3sb
Wickets 3b, 3-5, 2o, 2b, 1a, 3sb

Smoke rf, 1-5, 4o, 3b
Bugs p, 3-5, 2o, 1a, 3sb

Hanky 2b, 1-5, 4o

Heroes of the game: Offence - Collector, Defense - Oates

The second match of the day began with a different lineup than has been seen in New York in many years. With few Eckford players remaining on the field of play Wickets knelt to commune with the ghosts of baseball. His eyes rolled back and with his palms open to the sky it was the fabled Knickerbockers that took the field to compete once more against the New York Gothams.

Both teams put on an impressive display of fielding and sportsmanship. Especially in the 4th frame when Oates executed a straight steal of home. Collector not wanting to be out played followed with a steal of his own and was properly hosed by Scratch on the mound. The game was also notable as the irst appearance of the aspiring professional Cricket, son of Bugs, on the field for the Gotham team. Final score Gotham 12, Knickerbockers 6.
Monk 1b,5-6, 1o, 2b,2a, 7sb
Scratch c, p, 2-6, 4o, 2a, 3sb
Oates ss, 3-41o, 1bb, 3b, 2a, 7sb
Collector lf, 1-2, 1o, 1a, 3sb
Wickets lf, 2-3, 1o, 2a
Crash cf, 1-5, 4o, 1sb

Bugs p, 0-2, 2o
Muffin (Brian)2b, 1-3, 2o
Weed 3b lf, 1-5, 4o
Scone 3b, 1-4, 3o
Cricket 2b, 0-0

Heroes of the game: Offence - Monk, Defense - Crash



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