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June 16, 2002

Game 1 - Elizabeth Resolutes 26 - Gothams 5

Game 2 - Gothams 7 - Elizabeth Resolutes 5

While it is late in the week, I thought I'd update you all on Gotham goings on.

First- for those of you not present on game day, Gtham spit a double header wit our guest teh Elizabeth Resolutes. In the first game we were soundly beaten 26-5. Our outfielders had a difficult day to a man. Beqan iitched a good game and as Wilkes Booth was teh Umpire- Bean also handled the captain duties admirably, coming up with a line up that, with a few more games under our belts, could do a lot of damage in the future. Highlites include stellar fielding from Rube,snagging half a dozen difficult foul tips and great throws to second and third nearly beating several base stealers and two- count 'em TWO stolen Bases of his own!. Other hitting stars were Buster (3 for 5 a triple and a run scored), Bones (4 for 5, 3 stolen bases) and Spike (2 hits, 2 runs scored)

Game two, a time shortened affair, showed what can happen when Gotham plays together smartly and convinces a crank to join the game.

Short one player, a gentleman walking his dogs approached Wilkes Booth during the first game wanting t know what it was that he was watching. When Booth explained, the first words out of the gentleman's mouth (after he removed his cigar)were "This is right up my alley!- Is it a league? How can I join?" WB hit him up for dues and sized him for a uniform right there. (at least that's how it will go down in the history books...). Playing left field -the rookie(?), currently know as John "Walker" Flaherty, showed remarkablew hustle, nearly chasing down several foul balls on the bound and starting the front end of a double play (Looks like Leeches will have to fight for his job). With the bat the newest Gotham singled and reached on an error- and scored two of Gotham's 7 runs. Other good performances include Booth striking out two (hitting-3 for 3,and a run scored- no smart remarks please trolley!), Spike (3 for 4, a double, 2 runs scored), Trolley (two runs scored). Gotham batted around in the 4th. Final score 7-5, prompting Buster to remark, "I can finally put something in the win losses collumn on the website."

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