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June 12, 2010

Game 1 - Brooklyn Atlantics 27 - Gothams 10

Game 2 - Flemington Neshanock 14 - Gothams 9 

On a fine afternoon of base ball in the town of Smithtown in the Island of Long, the Atlantic Base Ball Club paid fitting tribute to the late Al "Old Dutch" Dieckmann, a founder of their club, and one of the key figures in the development of vintage base ball in the greater New York and New Jersey regions.
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And Old Dutch would have been proud to see his club claim two victories against the visiting clubs of the Flemington Neshanock and the New-York Gothams to win the three-team tourney they so generously sponsored.
In the end, the Gothams would have to console themselves with the sage perspective of Old Dutch (quoted in a between game ceremony by Pigtail) "That playing the game was the important part, and if you enjoyed the game, and had fun playing it, then you won."
And in this, good sportsmanship and comradery, there was victory for all who partook. Until the next games, a hearty Huzzah! to all the ballists.
Game 1
Atlantics Vs. Gothams—In the early morning contest, a combination of timely striking and defensive tomfoolery by the Gothams would result in a lopsided 27-10 victory for the hosts, who tallied 5 aces in the first frame and never had to look back over their collective shoulders. The game stood with a 6-0 advantage for the Atlantics going into the bottom of the 3rd frame, when the victors would add yet another 11 runs to their total, crushing any hope for a Gotham revival in the contest.
It was the fourth inning when the Gothams would begin to show signs of base ball striking skills. El Presidente would single for the Gothams first hit of the day in the third inning, but would be left stranded on third base.
The New-York club's first aces of the game would have to wait until the next inning. Weed, singled and stole second and third bases. A single by Wickets drove Weed home with the first Gotham ace of the day, and Wickets would later move up on steals. Crash would send Wickets home for the second ace with a groundout to 2nd. Base.  Messrs. Wickets and Crash would collect the only two hits in the interim frames until the Gothams would tally 6 aces in the 7th frame, their best offensive thrust of the entire tournament. The inning would see singles by Dutch, new man Bugs, El Presidente, Collector and Weed, as well as bases on balls issued to Crash and Hanky.
Two more runs scored in the 9th on singles and steals by El Presidente and Weed, but were only enough to bring the Gotham tallies into double figures.
Collector: 1-5, 2 swipes, 1 ace
Weed: 3-4, 4 swipes, 1BB, 3 aces
Wickets: 2-6, 1 swipe, 1BB, 1 ace
Crash: 3-5, 1 swipe, 1BB, 1 ace
Brewski: 1-4, (a double), 1 swipe
Dutch: 3-4, 3 swipes, 1 ace
Hanky: 0-3, 1BB
Bugs: 2-5, 1 swipe, 1 ace
El Presidente: 3-5, 5 swipes, 2 aces
Game 2
Neshanock Vs. Gothams—In the late afternoon tilt, the Gothams would see their season record fall to 1-13 with a 14-9 loss to the Flemington Neshanock club.
The sun returned to the field, but did not shine brightly on the Gotham offense, which took its only lead of the day in the bottom of the first frame. With one hand recorded against the Gothams, Collector singled and promptly advanced to 2nd and 3rd bases with relentless speed and thievery. Weed was able to strike the ball to the 2nd base side of the infield, allowing Collector to give the Gothams a short-lived lead. A special tip of the cap to El Presidente, who led all Gotham strikers with a 6-10 day at the plate which included 11 steals, and 4 aces tallied for his efforts.
In an experimental move by the New York club to Hanky was sent to the mound to assume the pitching duties in the game. In the early innings he was able to escape large scale offensive outbursts by the Flemington due to some quality defensive play in the Gotham outfield. But a series of walks and subsequent steals by the hungry Neshanocks would stake that club to a 5-1 lead.
Sporadic offensive thrusts by the New York nine were not enough to challenge the Flemington club's lead at any point for the remainder of the contest.
El Presidente: 3-5, 5 swipes, 2 aces
Collector: 2-4, 4 swipes, 1 BB, 2 aces
Weed: 1-4, 2 swipes, 1 ace
Wickets: 4-5, 6 swipes, 3 aces
Crash: 2-4, 6 swipes, 1BB, 1 ace
Brewski: 1-5, 1 swipe
Dutch: 2-5, 1 swipe
Hanky: 1-4, 1 swipe
Bugs: 0-4
Respectfully submitted by Ironweed.

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