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May 3, 2003

Game 1 - Brooklyn Atlantics 13 - Gothams 8

Game 2 - Brooklyn Atlantics 16 - Gothams 9

Great opening weekend fellas. Unfortunate that we lost both ends of the doubleheader, but again,a good time was had by all and it was only our first game(s) of the season. Recap:

Game 1: Gotham loses 13-8. A well played contest. The usual Gotham mystique rang up 6 shut out innings and one lousy inning killed us. We gave up 9 in the second. Though they scored only 4 runs over the next 7, we never quite caught up.

Highlights: Some interesting defense in the first game. Jitters playing third decides to play vintage hockey. a ground ball/kick save directly to the hands of Buster backing him up nicely and a perfect throw to first nips an Atlantic runner by a hair. A perfect 5-6-3 out! Also Walker, exhibiting a little extra-curricular behavior reaches between Bones legs and pulls out a ball (Please don't tell me it was bones only one!). Actually, Bones made a great diving attempt on a one-bounder and caught it between his legs sliding on his back and couldn't reach down to get the ball. Walker was delicate and gentle with his new best friend. They recorded a 7-8 bound out and are rumored to be living happily together in Chelsea. Booth- making up for lost time and running on his own for the first time in since the 2001 season recorded 3-count 'em THREE infield hits over the two games, along with 4 stolen bases (look out Buster-I'm gunning for you!)

Game 1 Stats:

Buster 3 for 4 (Singles) 3 sb, 2 aces;

Jitters 2 for 4 (Double, Homerun) 1sb, 2 aces;

Walker 1 for 4 (Triple) 1 ace;

Spike 2 for 4 (2 doubles) 1sb, 1 ace;

Wilkes Booth 2 for 4 (singles) 2 sb;

Bones 1 for 4 (single)1sb;

Game Face (formerly known as Gargamel) 1 for 4 (single) 1 ace;

Rugs 0 for 4;

Stacks 0 for 4;

Homer 0-for 4 reached base on 2 errors 2sb 1 ace.

Game 2: Gothams lose second game 16-9. While we didn't give up any big innings, we did allow 4 runs three times.We tallied aces in four different innings -but couldn't hold down our nemesis, allowing runs in six innings. Batting out of order in the 5th (oops!), and lucky to not get caught, we tallied 4 on six hits. Nothing of consequence to report in this game.Solid play- they just beat us. Booth's promise to not yell at an umpire was broken already- but one short outburst and another "Animated Conversation" were pretty much kept under control. A much better start than last season!

Game 2 Stats:

Buster 2 for4 (singles) BB 2sb 1 ace;

Jitters 1 for 5 (Double)

Walker 1 for 4 1 ace;

Spike 0 for 4 (reached on error);

Wilkes Booth 2 for 4 2sb 1 ace 1 stupid base running mistake;

Rugs 3 for 5 (2 singles,double)2 sb 2 aces;

Game face 3 for 5(singles) 2sb;

Bones 2 for 4(singles) 3sb 1ace;

Stacks 1 for 4 (single) 2sb;

Homer 2 for 4(singles) 1sb 2 aces

Booth- first hit of the season; Homer- first run of the season. Jitters first double and Home Run of the season. Walker first triple of the season.

We need to teach Game face how to slide!

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