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May 19, 2007

Game 2 - Elkton Eclipse 11 - Gothams 2

Game 4 - Chesapeak & Potomac BBC 16 - Gothams 14

Game 2 Vs Elkton Eclipse - 1864 Rules:

The 2nd Annual Gotham Cup Tournament was held today in the North Meadow of New York City's central Park. The start of this festive affair was delayed when the Eclipse Base Ball Club of Elkton Maryland was delayed arriving to the field when their carriage got stuck in deep mud from the prior night's inclement weather, but the team from Maryland persevered to fight through the harsh conditions to not only make it to their match, but to throttle the Mighty Gothams 11-2 in a shortened 6-inning match.

Elkton tallied their first ace in the top of the first inning and never looked back. The Gothams were no match for the Eclipse pitcher as they were Chicagoed in their part of the 1st frame with nary a runner. After 3 more Eclipse aces were tallied the Gothams mustered up a bit of a fight in the 2nd. Shoeless and Weed each reached on one-base hits, but the big Gotham blow came from Irv in his first ever at bat for the Gothams catapulted the ball into the outfield for a two-base hit to plat the only two Gotham aces of the day and also brought the tally to a respectable 4-2 in favor of the Maryland club. In the 3rd inning the circus came to town in the form of a Gotham run-down play in which Irv and Stacks played catch around a base runner between 1st and 2nd, which was highlighted by Stacks making a nice handoff to Irv to tag the runner that was next to Stacks in the first place, all the whilst an Eclipse runner scampered home to tally one of their 3 additional aces.

The Eclipse pitcher managed to Chicago the Gotham ball club for each of the last four frames with a fine display of ball placement to thwart the swings of the Gotham strikers. The Eclipse tallied 4 more aces over those last four frames as well to reach the final 11-2 tally, but other than the circus instance mentioned above, the Gotham field work was impressive. Shoeless played his 1st game of the season at shortstop in effortless fashion. Weed made several fine plays of both fair and foul struck balls on 3rd, but he was not to be out done by the Gotham catcher Wombat, who snatched every foul tip coming his way. The highlight, however, was Irv's never-say-die effort on a foul fly that he stopped, dropped, and caught again to put the Maryland striker out in the 6th.

Overall, the mighty Gothams were simply outplayed by the Maryland club. Words were said that revenge will be sought in the Washington, DC tournament coming this July.

Individual Stats:

Flytrap - 1-3

Rugs - 0-2

Ringer - 0-2

Shoeless - 1-2, 1 Ace

Weed - 2-2, 1 Ace

Slider - 0-2

Stacks - 0-2

Irv - 1-2, 1 2B

Wombat - 0-2

Tip Top - 1-2

Trolley - 0-2

Ink - 1-2

Game 4 Vs. Chesapeake and Potomac base ball Club - 1864 Rules:

A new rivalry began on this damp and cloudy day between the Gothams of New York and the Chesapeake and Potomac Ball Club. This was the Gothams 2nd battle with a club from Maryland on the day. This time, however, the Gothams came ready to play which made for an exciting back and forth match, but in the end the club from Maryland stole away with a victory by a 16-14 margin, with "stole" as the key Word of the day.

The Potomac team got off to a quick start in the first with 3 aces, but it would have been much worse if it weren't for the strange double play initiated by Flytrap, the Gotham center fielder. He tracked down a well struck ball in the gap on one bound for the first hand down, then mysteriously lofted the ball to the Trolley, the Gotham shortstop who had to turn and throw the ball to Weed covering 3rd for the last hand down of this exciting play and inning. The excitement of the double play carried over to the bats of the Gotham strikers, as hit after hit after hit came through safely in the Gotham half of the first. Flytrap, Ringer, Shoeless, Irv, Stacks, Trolley, and Slider all reached base safely, stole at least one base and tallied an ace to give the Gothams their first lead of the day at 7-3. The interesting note was the Gothams slow-footed first base-tender Shoeless quiet thievery of 3rd base and then of all things, he swiped home as well on the back end of a twin theft, this may be the beginnings of a story here. The Gotham field work started off looking good in the 2nd by retiring the first 2 Maryland strikers, but then a Gotham inning broke out as the Maryland club combined some precise hitting with some porous Gotham defense to tally 6 times after 2 hands were down and no runners were on base to recapture the lead. The Gothams were dazzled by Potomac pitching in the 2nd inning, but Shoeless did manage another one-base hit followed by a theft of 2nd base and a theft of 3rd base before the 3rd hand was made. Both teams were Chicagoed in the 3rd resulting to leave the score at 9-7 in favor of Potomac after 3 frames.

Stacks, the Gotham pitcher appeared to settle down and Chicagoed Potomac again in the 4th, with the help of great field work by the Gotham 3rd base tender Weed, before the Gotham's hitting and swiftness ran amuck once again. Flytrap began the rampant running with a walk and Weed, Ringer, and Shoeless continued the attack with one-base hits and a base-theft each to tally 3 times and take the lead back. The Potomac strikers struck back with 3 aces over the next 2 frames to take a 12-10 lead, while the Gothams were again Chicagoed in both the 5th and 6th frames. With a Potomac runner on 2nd base in the 7th, Gotham 2nd base-tender Tip Top made an amazing catch on a bound with his legs instead of his hands! And then for some reason threw to 1st to attempt to retire the striker for a 2nd time! That wasn't enough to stop the Maryland club for tallying 3 more times for a commanding 15-10 lead. Shoeless took it upon himself to try and keep the Gothams in the game by reaching first after one hand was down, calmly stealing 2nd base and following that up with a theft of 3rd, before tallying an ace on an outfield bound out by Irv. Potomac and the Gothams traded aces in the 8th before the Potomac club was Chicagoed by Stacks in the 9th.

Down 5 aces in the bottom of the 9th, the Gothams made one last ditch effort to mount a comeback. Flytrap singled, swiped 2 bases and scored on a deep bound out over the head of the Potomac left fielder, which was an amazing play. Next came a bit of Gotham history. Shoeless smashed a 2-base hit for his 5th hit of the game, but that was not what made history. When it was least expected, since his team was down 5 aces and to their last out, he charged or more aptly rumbled his way to 3rd safely for his Gotham single-game record-breaking 8th stolen base of the game! The fleet-footed Kid, the previous record holder at 7, was not on hand to honor the lumbering record breaker on this afternoon. In fact, when contacted, he was not happy at all and refused to comment on the subject. After the noise of the crowd died down, Shoeless tallied the last Gotham ace on a one-base hit by Irv, but that would be all for the Gothams, as they were defeated by the Chesapeake and Potomac Club, who in spite of Shoeless' heroics, were the better club on this day.

Some Potomac notes of reference: JD "Buckeye" Almond turned in the defensive play of the day, snagging a foul ball outstretched, while sliding. New addition David "Bull" Pauwels drove in seven runs and crushed the longest hit of the day. Joe "Commodore" Stanik hurled two complete games, notching his second victory against two defeats for the season. Jeff "Bucket" Turner reached base safely in seven of his eight trips to the plate.

This game also unfortunately displaced the Gothams from contention to win the Gotham Cup this year as that battle will be fought by the Flemington Neshanock and the Brooklyn Atlantics. Overall, a tough battle was fought between these teams on this rainy and miserable day.

Individual Stats:

Flytrap - 2-4, 3 Aces, 1 BB, 4 SB

Weed - 1-5, 1 Ace, 1 SB

Ringer - 2-5, 2 Aces, 3 SB

Shoeless - 5-5, 1 2B, 3 Aces, 8 SB (unbelievable!)

Irv - 2-4, 1 BB, 1 Ace, 1 SB

Stacks - 1-5, 1 Ace, 1 SB

Trolley - 2-4, 1 Ace, 1 SB

Slider - 2-2, 2 BB, 2 Aces, 5 SB

Wombat - 1-3, 1 BB, 1 SB

Tip Top - 0-4, 1 BB, 1 SB

Other Scores from Day one of the Gotham Cup Tournament:

Underhand Division:

Flemington 20 - Potomac 9 (1873 Rules)

Atlantics 11 - Elkton 2 (1864 Rules)

Atlantics 17 - Flemington 6 (1864 Rules)

Overhand Division:

Glen Head 14 - Roxbury 7 (1898 Rules)

Roxbury 10 - Hancock 3 (1894 Rules)

Glen Head 17 - Hancock 16 (1887 Rules)

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