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May 18, 2003

Game 1 - Gothams 17 - Rochester Knickerbockers 17

Game 2 - Gothams 20 - Rochester Knickerbockers 10

Good Morning Gothams. It is my pleasure to write these notes this morning as I bask in the memory of Gotham's FIRST WIN!!!! (And first tie)

A slight adjustment needed to be made before we started our matches on Sunday. As we approached the field we noticed that there were ball games being played on the diamond we (don't) use. Upon further investigation I found that there were games scheduled there all day log. When I pulled out our permit, I was shocked to see that we had been issued a permit for a little league field- NOT field #1- which is what we use. The little league field is the one we were forced to use to practice on early in the season. We didn't feel it was really a good field to play a game on so we decided to use the open - non ball field area just below and to the 3rd base side of our regular space. Concern about the uneven ground was quickly dispelled as both teams took the field and played two beautiful games:

Game One: A hard fought battle between two well matched teams. Gotham allowed runs in every inning but the 8th and 9th- but with the exception of 5 in the 3rd, never allowed more than 3 runs in an inning. Some fine defense by Rube behind the plate saved us more than once. Some interesting running as well nearly did us in. In an imitation of the infamous "King Kelly", another fine Irishman, Steve "Wrong Way" Murphy had a beautiful steal of third- All the way from first. Of course cutting across the middle of the infield and bypassing second all together made it a little easier. He had both teams flummoxed for a moment, but when we all recovered, a good laugh was had by all and the game continued. Then, in the third, Candles decides to properly steal third base. Unfortunately, Rugs was already there! A rundown ensued with Candles vacating third for second and Rugs taking off for home. After a few throws, Rugs put his head down and running hell bent for leather got c lose enough to the Knicks catcher to startle him into dropping the ball as it arrived. Rugs steps on home for the ace and the inning continued.Gotham fought hard and finally, scoring two in the bottom of the 9th tied the game at 15. It was agreed tat, though there was no allowance for extra innings in 1864, we would play one extra inning and , if tied at that point , would call the game a draw and move on. The Knickerbocker club bared down and with two outs in the 10th managed to squeak out two runs after a disputed call at first when their pitcher over ran 1st base and, claimed he turned toward second and therefore could not be called out when Homer turned to him with the ball. Bean however made the correct call stating that the runner was more than 3 feet beyond the base and was therefore out. In the bottom of the inning Singles by Rugs, Candles and Buster swept across two aces. Tied with two outs and Buster on third, Booth lined a shot in the gap in right center.. . But the right scout for Rochester made a sliding one bound catch and killed the rally, leaving the two squads with a 10 inning 17-17 tie. Wilkes Booth, in his bi-weekly snit, read Bean the riot act when called for batter interference (Something he still claims the K's third baseman and right fielder did all day long without a call!).

Stats Game 1:

Buster-3 for 6 (singles) 2 aces, 4 sb;

Game Face- 4-for 6 (singles, 1 double) five times on base (1 reached by error), 2 aces, 2 sb;

Wilkes Booth- 3 for 6 (Singles) 2 aces, 5 sb;

Jitters- 2 for 5, 2 aces, 2sb;

Bones- 2 for 5, 1 ace, 2sb;

Spike- 3 for 5 (two doubles), 1 ace, 4 sb;

Stacks-1 for 3, 1sb;

Rube- 2 for 5, 2 aces, 3 sb;

Rugs- 3 for 5, 4 times on base (on reached by error), 4 aces, 8 SB! (Including a steal of home);

Homer- 0 for 5;

Candles- 4 for 5, 1 ace, 4sb (Welcome to your first vintage base ball game!)

Game 2: Slightly less eventful. Knickerbockers fade in the afternoon, not used to playing two games. Gotham turned two double plays and once again, fine work behind the plate by Rube Kreitzman saved a run late when, with the bases loaded a dribbler to third saw Buster (playing out of his regular position) touch third for the force and unexpectedly throw home. The ball arrived in Rube's hand at the same instant the runner did. After the dust settled and Rube rolled out of the pile up still holding the ball, the runner was called out. Earlier in the game Booth playing third decided to give all the Knick hitters a hard time as they came to the plate with calls of "Muffin", "Milkboy" and "Gump". In turn, each hitter swung and lined shots directly at Booth who deftly fielded all three and threw them all out at first, backing up his big mouth. This of course came back to haunt him when playing first in the 8th and 9th, he muffed several plays in a row and drew cat calls from the Knickerbocker fans seated along the first baseline. By that point however the game was well out of reach as Gotham scored in every inning but the 3rd and Chicagoed their foes in 4 of the first 7.

Final score: Gotham 20 Knickerbockers 10

Stats - Game 2:

Buster-2 for 6 (single, double), 2 aces, 3 SB;

Game Face-2 for 6, 2 aces, 1sb;

Wilkes Booth- 2 for 5, 1 ace;

Jitter-3 for 5, 3 aces, 2sb;

Stacks- 3 for 4, 4times on base (1bb), 4 aces; 4 sb;

Spike- 4 for 5 (3singles, double), 3 aces, 3sb;

Rube-2 for 5, 2 aces,1 sb; Rugs-3 for 5, 1 ace, 3sb;

Homer-4 for 5, 1 ace, 3 sb;

Candles- 0 for 4 (reached on Fielders Choice), 1 ace

Stars of the Day: Defense Rube Kreitzman for his outstanding play behind the plate all day; Offense: Darius Nemati 5 aces tallied, 11 Stolen Bases!

Special kudos to Lou Camporeale for taking Drew's kicking in the first game and calling a near perfect second game!

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