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April 25, 2004

Game 1 - Hempstead Eurekas 11 - Gothams 5

Game 2 - Gothams 12 - NY Mutuals 11 (10 Innings)


Gothams Begin Season with a split.

For the first time ever in their brief and illustrious history the Gotham BBC begins the season not in the hole.. but at .500! Yes your home town heroes pulled off a split of their opening double header at Old Bethpage Village Restoration during the New York /New Jersey Cup. And not just any opponent vanquished...but the vaunted New York Mutuals! Read on mighty Gothams ( and our much beloved supporters)...

Game 1: Gotham vs. Hempstead Eurekas.

The day started well enough. Sunny but a chill in the air. And that chill seemed to work its way into the Gotham willow. Only Buster Carman and Kid Corby scratched out more than one hit a piece. Two more of us didn't get hits until the 9th and still two more didn't get hits at all! While not giving up the typical "Gotham inning" your boys were only able to muster 5 aces to the Hempstead 11. The "Wake me up when this inning is over" award goes to Homer Milatos when, after drawing a walk to lead off the third, he fell asleep at first and, if not for an errant throw by the Eureka behind- may have been caught napping off the bag. As it turned out, Homer woke up just in time to advance to 2nd a later scored. The game was briefly interrupted in the middle innings while Wilkes Booth graciously walked out to the mound to congratulate his fine opponent for managing to miss Mr.. Booth's bat on three successive occasions. Good defense kept Gotham close, With Wilkes Booth snagging two sharp liners in the box and Rugs Nemati throwing out one and nearly two runners at first from right field, But the defender of the game without a doubt goes to SpIke Wojtak who thwarted an attempted steal of home, threw a perfect strike to Trolley Car Schlapp to nail a runner attempting to swipe his third and catching 7 foul tips to record outs. WEll done spike!

Stats: Kid Corby- 2 for 5, 3 sb, 1 ace; Trolley Car Schlapp- 1 for 4, 2 sb, 1 ace, Buster Carman- 2 for 4,2 sb; Spike Wojtak 0for 4; Wilkes Booth Frady- 0 for 4, 1 k; Walker Flaherty-1 for 4, 2 sb, 1 ace; Rugs Nemati- 1 for 4, 2sb; Homer Milatos- 1 for 3, 1bb, 2 aces; Game Face Murphy- 1 for 4

Game Two; The Barn Burner!

After an hour layoff- enough time for Gotham to find only vending machine food and for the muscles to begin to tighten, we took the field against the Mighty Mutuals. While the rain began and the temperature plummeted- the Gotham bats found a way to warm up, plating 7 tallys in the first 5 innings. Again by not giving up the big inning- though we allowed 5 in the second- the Gothams stayed close. After putting the Chicago on the Mutes in the 6th, 7th and 8th, The G-men rang the scorer's bell 4 times in the 9th to knot things up at 11. Then, another goose egg inning in the bottom of the 9th and your heroes went to work again. But not before some controversy. The third out of the Mutual ninth was contested and overturned twice before it was all over. The mutual batter swung, hit the ball and had it bounce up into his face and then hit the ground in fair territory. Technically- the batter is out at that point for interference, but Trolley threw to first for the out to be sure. The umpire called the batter out. The Muts protested saying the batter was in foul territory and therefore the ball was foul. The umpire agreed and overturned his original call. To the surprise of the many (2) cranks in attendance, Captain Wilkes Booth did not lose his cool! He did speak animatedly with the umpire and the opposing captain and eventually came out on top proving his point by saying if the batter strides into the ball to hit it-if his feet originally are straddling the line running through home, his front foot must be in fair territory when he hits the ball. therefore, when the ball hit the batter- it is a fair ball as the batter is in fair territory. The rule is reprin ted below for you to see. To the top of the 10th we go, when Speedy Rugs Nemati made his first with one out, after dancing back and forth, then jumping up and down to distract both the opposing hurler and his own teammates, he then promptly and smartly stole 2nd and 3rd. and on a bounder in front of the plate dashed home on the catcher's throw to first. The ball came back home and Rugs slid safely under the tag for the go ahead run. Back in the field for the bottom half and Gotham finished it off with a ground out to first/run down between third and home double play! Our earliest ever win. Notable defensive efforts from Buster -who playing second base, covered first on a slow roller down the first base line and was there to receive the ball as it rolled past both the pitcher and the first baseman- right to him on the b ag. Good heads up Buster! Also good plays by Booth -handling another hot liner and throwing home on a roller to third to get the runner at the plate (on the other hand there was the following play where he threw home to get the next runner and must have thought Trolley was either two feet taller or Spike . Sorry Trolley!), Also -WIlkes Booth calling a balk on the Mute Pitcher that I'm sure the umpire wouldn't have called if he hadn't said something.Fine pitching by Kid Corby and generally outstanding play throughout by Rugs and Homer covering the outer garden corners. A possible game saving thwart of a stolen base as well when Trolley gunned down an 8th inning runner at second. We were smart as a team -not throwing the ball around too much and shutting out our opponent for the final five innings! excellent game gentlemen Huzzah! Final score: Gotham 12 Mutual 11; 10 innings

By the way- at the awards ceremony after the tournament- Gotham was given the "Team Presentation" award for accurate uniform, game demonstration and knowledge of rules. Well done guys!

Stats: Buster-2 for 6, 2sb, 2 ace; Trolley Car-3 for 5, 2sb, 2 aces; Kid- 3 for 5, 3 sb, 2 aces; Spike- 3 for 5, 1 2b, 4 sb, 2 aces; Walker-2 for 5, 4 sb, 2 aces; Game Face-2 for 5, 2 cs; Wilkes Booth-2 for 5, 2sb, 1 ace, Rugs- 3 for 5 4 sb, 1 ace; Homer 0 for 5.

1864 Beadles Dime Base Ball Player:

Sec. 9. If the ball, from the stroke of the bat, first touches the ground, the person of a player, or any other object, behind the range of home and the first base, or home and the third base, it shall be termed foul, and must be declared by the umpire unasked. If the ball first touches the ground, either upon or in front of those bases, it shall be considered fair.

Thanks to Buster and Game Face for making the trip.

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