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April 17, 2010

Game 1 - New York Mutuals 9 - Gothams 6

Game 2 - Brooklyn Excelsiors 15 - Gothams 8 

Old Bethpage, NY - 4/17/2010

  Game 1 Gotham Club against New York Mutuals - 1864 Rules

This inaugural game of the 2010 season, the Gotham Club saw the first game of the oddly dressed Neil (exposing his stockings all the way to his knees) and the return of Cookie (who managed not hurt himself in his first at bat).  We also experienced exceptional timing when at 11 am, Dutch and Weed ran onto the field to give the Gotham Club a compliment of 9 and the game began.  And odd timing by Wickets, showing up 2 hours early to prove he can be on time.  After settling down, the Gotham Club took to the field to defend its Cup.  For one game we played good solid base ball.  

At the top of the first frame, the New York Mutuals tallied 5 aces through skilled striking and fine base running.  At the bottom of the frame, Collector's forceful base running to first base intimidated the Mutuals into miscues, giving him a 3 base hit.  He eventually tallied an ace when Neil got a one base hit.

At the top of the second frame, the New York Mutuals tallied 1 more ace.  In that half of the frame the Hanky and Shades made two hands in one play, its first of the season.  Meanwhile the Gotham club scored an ace in the 4th frame on Wickets fine base theft and his teammates well placed hands.  In the 6th frame the Mutuals tallied 1 ace and the Gotham club responded with 2 aces of their own.  Unfortunately, the Gotham Club's poor base ball skills foiled our attempts to win, a common theme today.  After getting his first base hit of the day, Stacks confidently stole second base; stole confidently to third base; noticed the Mutuals yelling "To the Pitcher, get the dumba** out" (or something like that, or was that my teammates?); realized his mistake; got out; shed a tear; and yelled at Weed (for no good reason).  Hanky crossed the line when he put a frowny face on the scorecard.

In the 7th frame no team scored.  In the 8th the Gotham Club held the Mutuals to 0 aces, and tallied 2 aces in their half knotting the score up at 7.  Stacks did hit into a WTF (as written in the scorecard).  We still have no idea what that means, since texting wasn't invented until 2000.

In the 9th frame the Mutuals tallied 2 more aces.  In the Gotham half of the frame Cookie got his first hit but was left stranded there.  The final score was NY Mutuals 9 and the Gotham Club 6.  The Gotham Club's exceptional pitching by Wickets, fine behind by Weeds, exceptional defense and fine offense made for a well played game.  Thoughts of grandeur spread through the collective Gotham head.  We felt brash and confident and we're ready for our next opponents.

Collector 3-4, 1 triple, 4 stolen bases, 2 aces 
Wickets 2-4, 4 stolen bases, 2acs
Stacks 1-4, 1 stolen base
Neil (Stockings?) 1-4
Cookie 1-4
Hanky 1-4
Shades 1-4, 1 double
Dutch 2-4, 1 stolen base
Weed 1-3, 1 stolen base, 1 ace
el Presidente 1-3, 1 stolen base, 1 ace

Game 2 Gotham Club of New York against Brooklyn Excelsior - 1864 Rules

Though we were told our opponents were the Brooklyn Excelsior, they looked more like the Atlantics of Brooklyn at Smithtown.  No matter, pish posh, we are the winners of the NY-NJ Cup of 2009 we will destroy our opponents.  So confidently striding up to the plate Collector began the game with an impressive one bound hand to the outfield.  The next Gotham, el Presidente, impressed us all with exceptional hitting and base running by getting on first base, stealing two more bases and tallying an ace on a hand by Wickets.  Unfortunately this impressive Gotham play did not last.  In the bottom of the 1st frame, the Gotham defense was not good.  Many an ace was tallied by the Excelsior Club.

In the 2nd frame Dutch continued his impressive striking and somewhat not good base running.  After getting a one base hit and 2nd base by a 1 base hit by Neil, Dutch's brain disappeared.  Enjoying the spring time air, green grass, trees and clouds that looked like bunnies, he wandered off 2nd base.  Unfortunately for him and the team, the Excelsior Short Stop took the ball from his jersey and tapped Dutch on the shoulder.  Curses foiled by the Ye Olde Hiddene Ball Trick Playe.  New manager rule #1 mandatory base running practice for Stacks and Dutch while wearing dunce caps.

After lots of poor defense by every Gotham except for Weed and Wickets, our opponents tallied a few more aces.  Shoeless graced us with his presence in the 6th (he blamed his son for being late but we know it takes him 4 hours to get out of the house because he still has problems figuring out what goes on first the pants before the shoes or the shoes before the pants).  In the 8th frame the Gotham Club added a little excitement to the game and tallied 5 aces.  The game finally ended with a Gotham loss of 15 to 8.

In our second game we played a bit listlessly with lots of poor defense and adequate offense.  Wickets pitched another fine game but his teammates could not support him.  As Captain I am throwing out Trolley's rule book.  Instead of his silly ban on illegal substances, I am instituting mandatory methamphetamine ingestion before the second game.  Maybe we won't be so tired.

Also I've created a new award - Angriest Gotham Ever (AGE) Award.  This is a lifetime achievement award and this year it goes to Collector.  Clap, Clap and a Huzzah for such glory!

Collector 2-4, 3 stolen bases, 1 ace
el Presidente 2-4, 3 stolen bases, 2 aces
Wickets 2-4, 3 stolen bases, 2 aces
Shades 2-4, 2 stolen bases, 1 ace
Stacks 1-4, 1 stolen base
Dutch 2-4, 1 double
Neil 2-4, 1 stolen base
Cookie 0-4
Weed 1-4, 1 double, 1 ace
Hanky 0-4
Shoeless 1-2, 2 stolen bases, 1 ace

Even though we lost the cup and our two opening day games, a great time was had by all.  We gained a new player - Neil (Stockings?) and after a two year hiatus the return of the infamous Cookie.  And experienced the surging bat of Dutch.

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