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May 17, 2008

Game 1 - Talbot Fairplays 8 - New York Gothams 6

5/17/2008 - Central Park's North Meadow, NY - The rain beat down on New York City for days upon days leading up to the City's greatest annual tournament of Base Ball known as the Gotham Cup. Teams traveled from far and wide to make this great tourney, but all at fear when they were prohibited from crossing the East, Harlem, and Hudson Rivers because of the rough waters due to the inclement weather. The Clubs from Brooklyn, New York, Flemington, Elizabeth, Glen Head, Waterbury, Providence, Elkton, and Talbot all toughed the storms and reached the great Central Park by noon to start the Great Tournament only 3 hours late. The games were played in masterful fashion with the Elizabeth Athletic Club coming out victorious in the Overhand Division and the Waterbury Connors the victors in the Underhand Division, but all teams represented themselves well in this 3rd annual event.

Game 1 vs. Talbot Fair Plays - 1864 Rules:

Talbot quickly jumped to an early lead by tallying twice in the top of the first while holding the Gothams at bay in their half inning. Stacks, the Gotham pitcher settled down and kept the Fair plays scoreless for the next 2 frames and allowing the Gothams to chip away at the lead. Shoeless, Rugs, and Preacher strung together one-base hits to get the Gothams on the board with their first ace of the tournament. They were however Chicagoed in the 3rd leaving this tight-nit game at 2-1 in Talbot's favour after 3 frames were completed.

Talbot tallied twice more in each of the 4th and 5th frames, while the Gothams took advantage of bases on balls to Frosty and Scratch in conjunction with one-base hits by Compass, El presidente, Kansas, and Shoeless to tally two aces in the 4th and a single ace in the 5th inning, keeping the Gothams within reach at 6-4. A pitching duel ensued thereafter as neither team was able to tally an ace until the 8th inning when Talbot again tallied twice to put the game out of reach. The Gothams managed a minor attack in the 8th inning which was mutually decided to be the last inning. Compass reached first on a base on balls and was put out when Professor reached on a daisy cutter. Professor was able to tally the Gothams final ace after El Presidente and Kansas struck clean one-base hits to bring the final score to a respectable 8-5 in favor of the Talbot Club.

In spite of the Gothams defeat, the field work by third base tender Professor and shortstop Kansas was nothing short of excellence. It was just that Talbot faired even better with both their bats and their field work.

Individual Stats - Game 1:

Kansas - 2-3

Ringer - 0-3

Scratch - 0-1, 1 BB, 1 Ace, 1 SB

Shoeless - 2-2, 1 Ace

Rugs - 0-2

Trolley - 0-2

Collector - 1-2, 1 SB

Preacher - 1-2

Stacks - 1-2

Slider - 1-2

Wombat - 1-2

Tip Top - 0-2

Irv - 1-1, 1 BB

Frosty - 0-1 1 BB, 1 Ace

Professor - 0-2, 1 Ace

El Presidente - 2-2, 1 Ace

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