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May 20, 2007

Championship Game - Brooklyn Atlantics 15- Flemington Neshanock 8

Championship Game - 1873 Rules:

Game 2 of this epic Championship series was played out much the same as Game 1 from the prior day as the Brooklyn Atlantic club was victorious by a tally of 15-8.  This time, however, the baseball gods supplied beautiful sunny skies to play the match under.  The game was again close and competitive in the early innings, but the Atlantic strikers were again too tough for Flemington on this beautiful day and pulled ahead in the late part of the game to win their 2nd Consecutive Gotham Cup Championship. 

Though the Mighty Gothams failed to win the Gotham Cup again, the large crowd of Gotham fans cheered for the visiting Atlantics as venerable arbitor Sam Bernstein presented the Atlantics with the Gotham Cup.  Huzzah!

Notes from the Atlantic web site:

On Sunday, Atlantic beat Neshanock 15-8, to win the 2-out-of-3 Championship Match and claim the Gotham Cup. Hawk and The Butcher each had 4 hits while Dream, TC, and Willy Mo contributed 3 hits apiece. Pigtail again picked up the victory.

Quotes from Flemington Captain Brooklyn:

I am certain the Atlantic Base Ball Club cheated. It's not fair. They brought better players than we had. The Neshanock have been playing these so called Brooklyn Atlantics for many years and I have NEVER seen most of the players that were there this weekend (except for that tall fellow with the pigtail who has the peculiar habit of sliding halfway between bases and rolling the rest of the way). Why these "revolvers" hardly knew each others names and obviously did not like each other. Their Captain undoubtedly combed the countryside looking for the very best players no matter how ugly and unkempt they were to assure his team winning the much coveted Gotham Cup. Where were their regular players? Like the one they call Trotter who liked to yell at everybody?

Ohhhh, mark my words; the day will come when the little country bumpkin teams from the likes of Flemington and Elkton and Roxbury (well, maybe not Roxbury) can come in and beat the “Big Time” teams like the Atlantic Base Ball Club who seem to think that money (and beauty) are no objects!

Quotes from Atlantic Pigtail:

I thought we were trying to be as historically accurate as possible???? The Cincinnati Red Stockings were the first "admitted" professional team in 1869, but we were all using "hired guns" well before that. You would be surprised what kind of players you can find on ebay. In fact, I don't really have time to chit-chat here, if you've seen our games lately, we're still winning, but the margins of victory are starting to dwindle. I gotta go raise some more funds and get back on ebay. By the way, the sand on field #5 doesn't taste that good, and I had a streak of 6 games going without falling down on the basepaths, now I have to start all over.

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