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May 20, 2007

Championship Game - Glen Head Zig Zags 12 - Roxbury Nine - 11

Championship Game -1898 Rules:

Once again the Roxbury Nine played their way into the Championship Game, but this time against the Glen Head Zig Zags, fresh off an amazing comeback victory over the Hancock Nine in the rain in the final game of the tournament's first day.  Glen Head did not have to play in the rain today, but they did have to face a tough Roxbury opponent.

This was a sea-saw game with each team taking a lead only to have it taken away and the next half inning.  Both teams played superb defense and had enough moxy to tally 1-2 aces in most frames.  The Glen Head pitcher dazzled his opponent with curves by retiring the striker on strikes at an average pace of 2 in each inning, but Roxbury was still able to connect with enough pitched balls to tally 11 aces.  The only problem for Roxbury was that Glen Head was able to strike their way to one additional ace to prevail by a tally of 12-11 to capture their first Gotham Cup in their first tournament appearance.

Overall, two exquisite days of base ball were played by these 8 Clubs and all look forward to the 3rd Annual Gotham Cup Tournament in 2008.  Until next year....Huzzah!!

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